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  1. Don't Steal Together

    It can be, but not that often, really. I play on pubs a lot the last few months, and the sort of griefing I run into, isn't usually stealing or base burning. For the most part those 2 things can be countered as long as it's not a non-renewable resource. Ghosts who refuse to revive though and either can't or won't be kicked are a much bigger pain. Everyone goes insane & if you run out of the means to counter that, or get attacked by a nice Deerclops or frog rain in the middle of it... It's not pretty!
  2. I'm imagining Abigail in some really gaudy paisley pattern. Now brb, gotta find a Jigglypuff picnic shirt.
  3. my personal goal

    I'm having intense Ragnarok Online flashbacks. Good luck with your hat quest!~*
  4. Best Webber Skin? [POLL]

    The Roseatte. He has flower pimples!
  5. What About Movie?

    I actually found them having voices in that carol weird! XD But the voice actors were pretty good picks, I think. Me thinks the issue with ever getting a movie (or better yet, a show) is as someone else said, budget. They obviously have the talent & the artists to accomplish it, just funding is a whole other thing.
  6. how would you feel if

    Potato cup icon! ♥
  7. [Poll] On Mains

    Well, I chose Wendy of course! I admit I was initially drawn to her & Willow because their personalities are great and I like their aesthetic. Wendy is sad crazy and Willow is bad crazy. x3 Thinking on it, Don't Starve has one of the best rosters of female characters I've ever seen. There is so much diversity and personality among them. You rarely see older women characters, for instance, & Wicker's game play is one of the best in game. I ended up sticking with Wendy because I like her game play. I find I can do most anything on her solo or with other players with relative ease... but she doesn't make things too easy; sort of jack of all trades. However, I also play a lot of other characters depending on what's needed or just my mood. Wormwood, Wurt, Webber, & Wigfred are probably my next in line picks lately.
  8. Happy Hallowed Nights guys!!!!!!!! Literally my favorite time of the year and I don't think there's a more fitting game to be played.
  9. That's why I need it in the rewards system then! Since I think this is the only way to get past loyal rewards right now. Puppy eyes Klei.
  10. First of all: HOW DARE YOU Though I meant the Year of the Varg Winter hat skin. I'm not sure if that drops but if it does yaaaaay. And yeah they probably won't put those in since it's the incentive to buy the Funko Pops. That's pretty much why I bought them.
  11. ...............I'd be so happy if this thing gets an update with puppy hat.
  12. Perhaps with specific shawls of fish that would require hunting down. Really hoping we get 2 or so more ocean biomes that could compliment it.
  13. With deep fishing, I'd like to see it be difficult but rewarding. How? Idk. Just feels like it should be.
  14. Thoughts on long pig?

    If they decided to rework it a bit so it has some sort of use but can't be exploited by repeatedly killing someone, I'd be down for it. I've used the mod for it in my servers & the chaos that can erupt is hilarious. It's a good conversation piece... for some people. Some find it offensive though, which is why they removed it if I remember right from my reading on the topic.
  15. Oh please please please!!! I've wanted Dia De Los Muertos items for 2 years now. Latino love plz. ♥♥♥