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  1. On 11.08.2019 at 11:43 PM, Xcone said:

    However, the moment an outside bin is involved things mess up. The red arrow indicates a resupply to a high prio storage bin, which is great! But for some reason the dupes that have acces to the low prio dispenser, take items out of the high prio storage bin to drop it back in the central storage area

    Potential workaround: 1. Place a low priority smart compactor that blocks door to storage-hole when half-full. 2. Another high priority one to block dispenser when compactor half-empty.

    This way dispenser won't empty storages, unless they are full, and dupes won't top storages off.

  2. Same issue.

    Likely cause:

    • Ore is now merged into the world if it's buried under the same element, i.e. regolith ore getting buried in a regolith tile is absorbed into the tile

    This makes digging regolith and sand very hard - it falls, buries and consumes what you already mined, now you are back to where you were, but with slightly less regolith. And regolith/sand suddenly dropping onto more regolith will immediately block your path.

    P.S.I have 60t of igneous rock under a volcano, if magma decides to solidify above this rock, there will be an 'igneous explosion')

  3. Quote

    3. All liquid tanks drop inventory on inspection, if inspected after reload and tanks have a custom set limit. Dropping of content stops first when new custom setting for fuel/lox is set.

    I see a bit different behavior. With petroleum:

    1. I set limit of petroleum to 800Kg. Inspecting tank mid process does not result in issues.
    2. Once tank got full (to 800) it stopped filling in
    3. I disabled Liquid reservoir that was feeding the rocket
    4. When I checked rocket after reload fuel line from reservoir to rocket was half empty.
    5. I hovered mouse over tank and tank was complaining about 'empty pipe', pipe was not empty.
    6. I clicked at tank and it immediately dropped 900Kg (probably expected at this point).


    With Oxylite:

    1. I set limit to 800Kg
    2. Was monitoring dupes and noticed a dupe hauling 900Kg of oxylite to rocket (obviously clicking on tank will drop content since it was over limit)
    3. Rocket indicates that it awaits 2700Kg.

    With steam rocket:I was checking on the rocket periodically while it fuels (500g/s) and notices that steam amount jumped down couple times. Rocket was set to 750, contained around 400Kg on one check and couple minutes later it contained 250Kg (I don't think it could have reached limit during time I wasn't looking). I saw no indication of where that steam went to, but short time later I noticed dupe hauling 200Kg steam bottle from rocket. Does rocket periodically drop 'invisible' steam bottles?


    2. Oxygen tank has no priority settings, making oxylite delivery not possible. Input field is bugged, can only type up to 999, slider goes to 2700.

    Seems to be partially fixed, priorities are there, but field is still bugged and needs to be a little wider, limit is not enforced properly.

    Game version: 289971

    P.S. I don't mind wasting some petroleum or water, but liquid oxygen and oxylite is another matter...

    P.P.S. Solid booster fails to consume fuel, at least it failed twice for me when it was on top of steam engine.

  4. >somehow managing to get past the dock without  needing to equip a suit

    mine managed to do that once in rocketry

    >as the suits keep disappearing from my dock

    1. I have two docks to surface, dupes often go to closest one even if it is full and dismiss suits there. They ignore 'vacancy' setting, but suit doesn't disappear per se, just dropped.

    2. Somehow my dupes manage to fall incapacitated while in suit (usually by going throw dock from hot environment), they are rescued 'along with suit' and clicking on dupe to deequip suit makes the suit disappear.

  5. On 14.01.2018 at 5:54 PM, TOOK14 said:

    but please tell me how much the tiny end of the transformer can put out, that's really critical info, at least for me.

    Quote from steam:LxRp6Pd.jpg

     My own conclusion: transformers are not really transformers, but 1KW batteries with separate input and output. It appears that they can not charge faster then 1KW but they can discharge faster, causing issues at >1KW networks with 1KW wire. If your network has below 1000W, transformer will charge, once consumption jumps to 2KW, transformer will give a 'surge' by discharging buffer to devises and immediately discharging its 1KW imput as well. Likely a bug, but can be avoided by using 2KW wire.

    Also possible that it is intended and transformers are merely made to act as separators, which they do fine.


    At steam users claim that Quote: Transformers actually send 1KW per tick, rather than second, giving it either 4 or 5 KW real capacity...