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  1. Auto-sweepers not working

    Partially fixed, they sweep, but fail to supply some facilities, like incubator from receptance, dupes also seem to be buggy around receptances...
  2. Depends... there are a lot of ways to do rockets. For example one-dupe-crew rockets that simply go somewhere and return with resources or a multiple-crew rockets that open up a new asteroid-map which you can mine&build like you starting one, just smaller, mazes like maps that you need to navigate to retrieve resources, rocket minigames on 'space-map' e t c. So each person might have meant their own way.
  3. Care 'job' is rather incomplete at the moment - Personally I think that care job should be the one to distribute pills, food, sweep resources and clean toilets in sickbay, e t c. At least it should do that during quarantine...
  4. Quote from steam: My own conclusion: transformers are not really transformers, but 1KW batteries with separate input and output. It appears that they can not charge faster then 1KW but they can discharge faster, causing issues at >1KW networks with 1KW wire. If your network has below 1000W, transformer will charge, once consumption jumps to 2KW, transformer will give a 'surge' by discharging buffer to devises and immediately discharging its 1KW imput as well. Likely a bug, but can be avoided by using 2KW wire. Also possible that it is intended and transformers are merely made to act as separators, which they do fine. At steam users claim that Quote: Transformers actually send 1KW per tick, rather than second, giving it either 4 or 5 KW real capacity...