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  1. [Game Update] - 289327

    Ok, so now the only way to get research are rockets. But first asteroids provides only 250 research, next engine costs 400 research and we no longer can stuck steam boosters, how are we supposed to research that? P.S. Crash when using refinery and 'codex' spam((( May be it was supposed to be petroleum, not steam? P.S. stacking engines to get to destination faster would have been nice)
  2. [Game Update] - 288927

    There are always options, like compensation: add a coolant input+output to turbine so no real heat deletion happens (obviously users will attach sieves or something like that to output, but at least it will be lesser evil and turbine will be more of a generator then cooler). Or reducing work speed and output, but that's half measure..
  3. [Game Update] - 288927

    Heat deletion with steam turbine is easy untill everything is cooled at least to 226C (potentially to 151C but that's hard to insulate for). It can drop 10kg 1000C steam to ~226C in 5-10 seconds. It deletes Massive amounts of heat almost instanteneously to the point where it is no longer simply overpowerd, but broken. Personally I cool hot steam vent with it (and what left I send to wheezeworts), cool magma for igneous rock production and had couple plans to use turbine to cool couple other vents and was previously using one turbine to cool regolith a bit (but that one was a bit more of energy source then for actual cooling). And when I was setting steam turbines up in these cases I felt it was mostly fine if oversimplified in some respects and oversimplified in others, but with aqutuners of steel it makes turbine+aqutuner pair immediately became the only cooling devices you will ever need => no heat management to talk about. Unfortunately it will be even more exploited now - refinery likely outputs at fixed temperature and with steel pump we can now pump much hotter liquid into it. I agree that it needs to be fixed, but there are no low temp early game alternatives at the moment. There are wheetheworts, but those are not immediately avaliable and depend onto luck. I agree that at least early game one is needed. Also midgame solution along the lines of space-radiators will be good to. But steam turbine is supposed to be a power source not insanely effective cooling device.
  4. [Game Update] - 288927

    From one point it is a good thing, from another - it becomes too easy to delete massive amounts of heat. Steam turbine is already a cheat that provides more cooling then power, cooling part doesn't need more of a boost... I hope devs will add passive radiating of heat to space and nerf/rebalance turbine in some way (make blades inside deterioate? require input of cool water from side along with hot steam from bottom?).
  5. Isoresin being prime ingredient for all advanced materials doesn't look like good solution - this means that all materials became available 'instantly' and not gradually. I think making ingredients located on different distances would have provided more gradual experience and thus more satisfaction to player - you get new options separately so you have higher chance to play with them one by one. +1. But it is bulky. Also multilayered ceramic tiles might work as well for some mild temperature differences like cool steam gayser or nat gas one.
  6. Same bug for other tanks as well - both steam engine and fuel tank drop steam canister/petroleum canister when adjusted. But not 100% of the time. In case of steam engine I also noticed that it periodically drops 200Kg canisters of steam (potentially only in case where input pipe is empty).
  7. Abyssalite gone?

    Abyssalite is now an ingredient for insulator. No early game ideal insulator now, only ceramic.
  8. 500% is likely a bug, the purpose is to restore tiles not to convert resources. They excrete tiles!
  9. Pre-crash busted landing

    Replaced everything above tanks and both 'halving' and crash still happen.
  10. Issue: Incapacitated dupe stands up, than falls down 'incapacitated', appears standing again and falls again... in an infinite loop until death. Other dupes refuse to help or start the task and cancel it. Notes: Likely reproes in EU, but I only seen it in rocketry. Video and save attached. P.S. Please fix your "For instructions on how to get your logs, click below: Oxygen Not Included Output Log" directory on bug report page, it points to steam's 'local files' instead of LocalLow Dystopia steam.sav dupe_loop.webm(video)
  11. I don't think it generates temperature, it expels extremely hot CO2 which in turn heats everything around (at least above 1200C and ~100Kg or more of gas, haven't tried to capture it)
  12. Here: Either location is wrong or there is no log location for windows
  13. Issue 1: Auto sweeper refuses to supply incubator with an egg from receptacle. This was working in EU well and almost instantly. Attached video and save file. Issue 2: Dupes refuse to interact with receptacles even with 'allow manual use flag' and any priority. In 'this' save-map dupes were emptying receptacles from slime (located slightly above incubator in poluted water) prior to rocketry, but now I can't force them to empty it despite there being priority 9 storages with space to spare and no 'sweep only' flag. Dupes also don't seem to want to fill loaders manually if 'allow manual use flag' is set (but I had no working setups in EU so not sure if ever worked or I'm doing things right) conveyor_malfunction.webm Dystopia_vlc.sav
  14. Conveyors still malfunction in Rocketry

    P.S. Sorry if video is a bit messy, tried to insert as much information as I could into it.
  15. Exosuits Randomly Disappearing

    >somehow managing to get past the dock without needing to equip a suit mine managed to do that once in rocketry >as the suits keep disappearing from my dock 1. I have two docks to surface, dupes often go to closest one even if it is full and dismiss suits there. They ignore 'vacancy' setting, but suit doesn't disappear per se, just dropped. 2. Somehow my dupes manage to fall incapacitated while in suit (usually by going throw dock from hot environment), they are rescued 'along with suit' and clicking on dupe to deequip suit makes the suit disappear.
  16. My astronaut lost all stats after landing... otherwise also crash on landing.
  17. Drawn it in a volcano and feed the result to hatches.
  18. Seven days later and you can: At very low temperatures Sour Gas will now condense into natural gas and sulfur. Time to make processing even more complicated) And Naphta now also transitions into Sour Gas
  19. Dupes froze after doing some actions

    Same issue, "rocketry" branch only.
  20. Actually there still are issues with sweepers, in EU my sweeper could supply an incubator with egg from Receptacle (I remember playing with it around - ordering incubator to start and then canceling it to make sweeper drop the egg), now it doesn't work.
  21. [Game Update] - 283571

    Surround with abysalite tiles, corner deconstruct refinery, then 'corner-delete' steam (when there is only one tile left and you build in it, steam will be deleted). Or set up a cooling inside blocked space to get your water back.
  22. Naphtha can be either a 'waste' product (since it is spoiled plastic) or part of some kind of advanced oil refining which we lacks tech base for... I suspect it is more like 'petroleum tar' thus won't have any uses on asteroid sans may be medical.
  23. Unlikely that it will remain this way. Clorine also started as almost useless and now is needed as atmosphere for some plants, as liquid fertilizer for others and as anti-microbe solution. P.S. Methane also has no uses at the moment, but likely will be rocket fuel.
  24. Update review: I like changes so far but they seem like basics of the basics ground work. Pros: Rockets! Art (observatory is really nice) Finally some liquid/gass buffers! Starmap UI is nicely done (sophistication/infomation relation seems to be just right) Cons: While it is nice to have advanced research, observatory feels like it is mispurposed, would have been better to use it to spot and lock onto asteroids and use some kind of rocket lab for research (or some materials from asteroids, perhaps a job for piloting rockets and job for getting science mid-flight? research related section for the rocket?). Travel time simse fixed. It would have been nice for travel time to depend onto distance and task - flight time plus work time. Flight takes too long? Get better pilot or better engine. Work takes to long? Reduce amount of containers, add more crew or use skilled crew. Additionally would have been nice for trip to require some water/oxygen/food supplies. Cargo gain and fuel consumption are fixed (cargo gained per container, fuel spent whole, but hopefully it is temporary) Automation is non existent at this point (but I suspect it will be fixed with time) No randomly generated asteroids and height is fixed At the moment all space travels are simply 'trades' of fuel for resources, I do understand that players won't 'personaly visit' each asteroid either way (they will get tired of simply mining each rock personally), but it still should be nice to have some visitable locations P.S. If you launch Starmap UI after loading, there will be some kind of organing planet selected (actual selection is 'none') and info about it says something about visiting planet to learn more about it (research and research module mentioned).