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  1. Yeah.... look like a tree after got burned, i can chop myself for coal xD
  2. Same here. Everytime generating a new world the music just get loop
  3. Why is this dlc sow hardddddddddddddddd :<

    I playing as Wes good so far and maybe he suck than your character (really much), i also survived for 60 days above. Nothing go wrong if you die and die again to learn more experience ( i were die about 10 times !)
  4. Awwww so cute~~~~~so cute. How they can small like this !
  5. No cloth = YOU ARE SCREWED

    Build your own shop with 3 axe + 4 pig skin, about 3-4 shop like that, so you will get more change to see a cloth. Good luck my friend
  6. Klei where is my Robin ?

    Put a lot of stuff in Robin that time,not include food, and look like it just disappear.... but i still can see Ro Bin icon on the map
  7. Weird ruins generation

    Same here
  8. I just left my Robin over there (in picture) and go fight boss. Then i came back......it LOST !!!. So i lost my Robin forever.... .Fix this Klei !
  9. I just think people really enjoy soundtrack "Working In Temperance" so far, but it been removed..... Anyone know the reason why it been removed ? ( Sorry if my english like hell).