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  1. Aditionally, Kilns don't have an overheat temperature, so I guess this could potentially be abused to produce steam energy/heat. Also, sorry for bad english.
  2. So I was making a small setup to partially automate ceramic and refined carbon production, and I found an exploit of sorts, I think. I selected a single Kiln to produce refined carbon out of coal, then I copied the settings of that Kiln to the others. In less than a cycle, I had enough refined carbon, so I cancelled the prodution on the Kiln on the right, and copied the settings to the others on the left. To my surprise, the production halted on all of them, but in the Kilns that I "turned off" with the "copy settings" function, the heat production did not cease, and the coal in them was not being consumed. It wasn't only the heat production tooltip that did not disappear, the Kilns were still doing the active animation, and heat was indeed being produced.
  3. I use both. I usually use the door compressor on geysers to store the gases at zero energy cost. Vent over-pressure techniques are more reliable though, since the door compressors may sometimes delete gases while being background-processed.
  4. Yea, I'm pretty sure they will patch it out and add some conditions for automatic doors, such as not closing if the gas pressure is too great.
  5. Yeah, door super-compressors are pretty much the meta for gas management right now, as it can store gas infinitely.
  6. Not sure if it's a bug, but some turf borders appeared out of bounds in the new island (the "fifth" island, the one where you find the aporkalipse new stuff) Here's a screenshot
  7. I got stuck by a lightning while entering a store. I bought stuff inside with no issues, but upon exiting the store, I was teleported to the middle of nowhere. The lightning stroke me as the screen was fading to black, transitioning to the store. I imagine the store I entered burned down, so the game threw me at a standard "zero" location, as the exit point must not have been specified. I had to use c_gonext("firepit") to get me back on the map.
  8. Shadow Hands and house walls

    This has happened to me too, twice! The shadow hand's sound effect also persists in every indoor place you enter.
  9. When the Wormant Queen does the "trumpet" animation, the audio cuts out for a while, that's intended, and it's cool. What happened to me, is that the "trumpet" animation was interrupted by her scream animation, and the abscence of audio persisted indefinetly. I had to save and exit to fix the problem.
  10. I was playing as WX-78 (overcharged) on day 24-25. On the same day when spiky vines/bushes started to spawn, the game crashed for no visible reason, and loading the save file will cause the game to crash a few seconds after loading. I attached a screenshot of the error message. No mods were being used during the whole playthrough.