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  1. I love D&D, my favorite Class is Bard... hmm, Klei did you make this for me? Lol But seriously, this looks amazing, I really wanna know how it all works now!
  2. - "A viking warrior" - I belive the word you're looking for is Valkyrie; a female warrior from norse mythology know for their incredible skill in battle.
  3. Honestly, I don't think his damadge modifier needs to be toned down; I whould say his speed boost is IMO out of place and shouden't be a thing, though that is by far the smallest of his problems. though non of that is Wolfgang's main issue, the thing why I and many others find Wolfgang incredibly unitresting; is that he unlike most other charachters, lack a propper downside. Yes, he does have his increased hunger drain when in "Mighty form", though seeing as you could just stay out of his mighty form, until you need to fight something is a valid strategy; I personaly don't recognice this as a proper downside. Also, his "fear" of the dark just dosen't do enough; currently the sanity drain when in darkness is pretty neglectable. What do I propose? Well, I'd like to see his fear of the dark be expanded on exponentally; for example, what if Wolfgang was haunted by a brand new shadow creature that whould be a very powerful and dangerous foe, also maybe it whould only apear when playing as Wolfgang specificlly. Bottom line; I do not wish to see Wolfgang be nerfed into the ground and become unplayable, instead I meerly wish to see him have an actuall and proper downside to balance of his very powerful perks!
  4. Big shout out to the new leafy meat recipies, beefy greens is by far my favorite; it is just too good! Also, Surf n' Turf is absolutely amazing, being easier to get than both dragon pies and pierogies! Finaly, if you're playing Warly with a bunch of other people, the recipie for Bone Bouillon is gonna come in handy! Lol
  5. Wormwood of course, he's my wonderful planty boi after all; also he's a lot more chill, I mean I find it relaxing just wondering around as him. Lol
  6. Im most hyped for the eventuall Webber rework / refresh, It'll be fun to see what webby things Klei might be able to vome up with! Also, while Im not as hyped for the eventuall Wolfgang rework / refresh, I do want to see how Klei handles this pretty (overpowerd) powerful charachter; I hope they make him more balanced so to speak, just tone down his upsides, and give him a real downside, I suggest a shadow related downside!
  7. I don't want her to be OP (cough Wolfgang cough), I don't want to see her downside get changed; as it is it is practiclly perfect, both to her personality and theme. I'd like to see a new downside to define her personality a little more too, maybe a fear of some kind. along side some new Valkyrie-esk weapons, armours and buildings too, and it'll be great!
  8. Huhh, just finished up this drawing and i think it turned out pretty good... for a first try at pixel art atleast! Lol sadly, i diden't have enough time to add any colour or fix any rough pixels. Hope ya all like it any way tho! Btw, just realised that without colour it's pretty hard to see which duplicant it is, seeing as both Nails and Gossmann has the same hair style... soo yeah, this is Nails and her pet hatch, Emelie!
  9. Soo... here's my two cents... either it's an Wendy rework, which whould be absolutely amazing and i'd adore it with all that is my being... Or It's an Wes rework, idk why it whould be Wes, but Klei could allways bamboozle us all and do just as such. Either one whould be welcome additions! Anyway, Klei keep up the good work and take all the time you need to make awesome content for us all to enjoy!
  10. Soo if you ask me, the cookie cutters we fird around the constans are just larva... mean while this is the Mother of them all! A bit late with these one's, but i want to show them either way! and now for my daily Wormwood drawing:just little cute Wormwood holding his pet carrat!
  11. So i don't know if im late to submit or... but here's the sleppy boi himself, Bearger! (Don't ask aboute where the sleep dart and napsack came from, okay)