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  1. Boi, Im super hyped! Honestly, Wes seems like such a fun charachter to play now; so many possibilities! Wes is a bit OP now though!
  2. Huhh, just finished up this drawing and i think it turned out pretty good... for a first try at pixel art atleast! Lol sadly, i diden't have enough time to add any colour or fix any rough pixels. Hope ya all like it any way tho! Btw, just realised that without colour it's pretty hard to see which duplicant it is, seeing as both Nails and Gossmann has the same hair style... soo yeah, this is Nails and her pet hatch, Emelie!
  3. Soo... here's my two cents... either it's an Wendy rework, which whould be absolutely amazing and i'd adore it with all that is my being... Or It's an Wes rework, idk why it whould be Wes, but Klei could allways bamboozle us all and do just as such. Either one whould be welcome additions! Anyway, Klei keep up the good work and take all the time you need to make awesome content for us all to enjoy!
  4. Soo if you ask me, the cookie cutters we fird around the constans are just larva... mean while this is the Mother of them all! A bit late with these one's, but i want to show them either way! and now for my daily Wormwood drawing:just little cute Wormwood holding his pet carrat!
  5. So i don't know if im late to submit or... but here's the sleppy boi himself, Bearger! (Don't ask aboute where the sleep dart and napsack came from, okay)