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  1. I always wanted to see Shank using that big ass knife lmao. So much so, that I made this months ago as an interpretation of what an older version of Shank would look like! I still like how it ended up looking, so I'll share it here.
  2. Shank 1 is not available anymore on PS3/XBOX 360, just like what happened to Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Shank 2 is still available to purchase on PS3, haven't checked on X360...
  3. Damn, didn't even knew you could mod these games Definitelly trying them out rn lol.
  4. It's pretty sad that it didn't got any mention by Klei, but at this point I'm willing to just let it go... I'd rather see Klei make new games and not get stuck on sequels. Both Shank and Mark of the Ninja are some of my favourites videogames ever, and I hold Shank above it for the simple reason that it got me interested in making my own videogames and art. I wish they'd make a collection remastered or simply being ported to new consoles, but I'm just thankful that Shank exist. It's a week later, I know, but it's better late than never... Happy 10th Anniversary, Shank!!! Hope that both this company and endless replays of this fantastic game keep inspiring me and others