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  1. I have tried to changed it with that method, but every time I launch the game and try to host, the mode stays in survival and if I launch and disconnect the server the cluster.ini goes back to survival.
  2. @frankwizza I think you put it even closer than mine. Does it work? Do you surround the PK like mine? Here as you can see I actually build the thule walls at the end of the grid of 6x6: The thing is if I have to rebuild the walls, that's rather a lot of work. Though I do have many thule in stock.
  3. Welp.. I have cleared my megabase around PK from this: to this: But I can't still start the fight in my own server! I tried in one of my friend's server and I clearly counted the space that is needed to start the fight with buildings around is 6x6 turfs with PK in the middle. In his server there are stone walls right at the end of 6x6 turfs which acted as pig lure (4x4 walls), though it isn't surrounding the PK like in mine. Should I really destroy my base just to start the fight? Please Klei decrease the range requirement to start the fight. Please!
  4. I have a 2k+ world which I started in Endless long time ago, but after the newest update for the The Year of Pig King it suddenly changed to Survival.