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  1. Scott, I lost all my worlds from regular dont starve together, I made a bigger post about it
  2. Hello! I'll just make it quick and type what happened What I want I'm looking for my save files and where I could place them so they would work again Full story I recently started playing don't starve together again on a old world enjoying the new patches (I had stopped before the sand monster thing update) I came out of the cave played regurally for a week without any problems and that was when I decided to loot the ruins. While in the ruins my fps started to really suffer, I decided to hop out of full screen mode, I still had huge fps issues but made it out with some good loot. Fps became normal again and I played on. 2 days after that (while playing a couple of times a day) i received a error message while trying to start dont starve together on steam. (cant remember which error) i just kept trying to start the game, sometimes it just gave an error and wouldnt start up at all and than the second try would send me in the game client but give me a big black screen and this would repeat in the same order a couple of times. I decided to restart my computer which still made me get the same errors and after a while the problem seemed to have fixed without me doing anything. When I started it up once again I found out that all my 'Hosted servers' (I had solo games and some multiplayer games which I barely used) had dissapeared. I'm now looking for my save files which I just want to play on again. What I found So I already tried some stuff to get my save files up and running, I think I found them since changing anything in them doesnt seem to affect what happens to the 5 empty slots. I tried making a new world to see if it would affect any of the maps in the pictures and if nothing happened I would delete cluster_1 because I think the clusters are the save files for all the worlds you've made. I made a new world which should appear in cluster_1 and then deleted cluster_1 to see if it was still there: Edit: after re entering the world I created as a test it now shows cluster one again Thats all I have so far I hope I can just insert these clusters somewhere because I think they are my old save files Ive tried just blatantly copy pasting them into the local files from dont starve together but nothing happened Please someone help ;.;