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  1. Poor Abe is stuck on the regolith planetoid and his atmo suits just broke and I don't know why! I have gas pumps to supply oxygen to atmo suit docks in my rockets, and the gas pump reads "Pipe Blocked" even though the system should be working. I have tried reloading the game, rebuilding the pipes, and even changing some of the principles of the systems to try and fix it but the problem persists. Deconstructing and rebuilding the radiant gas pipes seems to fix it but only temporarily, and this has happened on more than just one rocket.
  2. Hey devs, is there any chance we could get automation ports on Atmo Suit Checkpoints? I am using onboard atmo suits in rockets and would like to be able to control the checkpoint using the starmap location sensor. P.S. I absolutely love this game after almost 4k hours. Keep up the good work!
  3. We need to bump this thread so the devs will see it. My base is completely hamstrung without an electrolyzer system as I am out of algae and don't have time to invest in a new system. I am having so much fun with this game, but I can't play any more until this issue is fixed.