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  1. I was fighting bee queen, in the third/fourth phase (where the grumble bees get a speed boost from BQ), i was kiting the grumble bees away from BQ and they disconnected from BQ, BQ spawned a new set of grumble bees (the old ones were still alive) and the old bees did not follow BQ or get buffed by her screech
  2. When I was killed by a mant warrior, in the morgue the cause of death was listed as shenanigans.
  3. The blue sow spawned in the wall and is unable to be mined
  4. When you alt-tab out of the game during the world generation screen, sometimes the world generation music keeps playing after you have generated and entered the world. It doesn't stop until you re-open the world. I think that this isn't just a Hamlet bug
  5. That is the tempo marking, it tells you how fast to play the piece. This one means that you play 120 crochet (quarter note) beats per bar.
  6. Are they still there in your steam inventory?
  7. It could also mean that they don’t have a fix ready yet.