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  1. mmmm yeah those coldfire tults don't look so great anymore
  2. not sure you got the meme, death bed's usually don't mean enlightenment, also thanks for confirming how impossible it really is.
  3. idk if you could somehow define an rgb value for a character somewhere and use that for the tone edit: or layer the skin on top of plain/default hands somehow
  4. ok looks like this might be a good reference so here's the fixed up files littleshadowbrain.lua littleshadow.lua SGlittleshadow.lua (should be all) the modmain stuff (except images)
  5. i haven't done anything with stategraphs yet so that might be my problem exactly, i'll try that YES MUAHAHAHAHA Thanks!
  6. I'm trying to get these butterflies to attack but they only go to the target and do no damage also as of right now you've gotta manually set them as followers, like with the too many items mod littleshadowbrain.lualittleshadow.lua
  7. shipwrecked banana pop isn't real, it can't hurt you shipwrecked banana pop: