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  1. Klei we need to talk...

    Yeah I don't think that skinned turf would be all that confusing, nor walls, at first people might be a little confused but just mousing over them would tell you what they were plus it would just make base building even more appealing!
  2. I think that if they showed how maxwell actually came across the codex umbra that would be awesome for his cinematic
  3. this terrifies me bc the lobotomized woodie skin, i dont want this good stinky canadian man to be hurt :c
  4. everyone else's quotes although silly just refer to simply dying when using the celestial portal but when playing as woodie he says it feels familiar, does this already mean anything in the lore or does anyone know what the implications of this could be.
  5. wigfrids quest is broken, ive gotten the merciless card many times however it hasnt completed the quest
  6. heck yes im so excited, im gonna get that clown wes skin!
  7. after filling out my recipe book earlier today i had to factory reset my computer, however i lost all the recipe's and now im back to none