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  1. Controller seems to get disconnected whenever I click M (recipe) or when I interact with other players during the match, one of the keywords is triggering the controller to disconnect and I can't reconnect even if I go to settings during match, it stays on keyboard mode and I have to force quit the game and reopen for the controller to work again. I'm using a PS4 dualshock controller between.
  2. I have the same issue when I switched laptop.. I'm trying to do a backup and see if it loads, because I'm turning my unbutu back to windows since I'm having issues with unbutu using controller . update: save data does NOT work, I reuploaded the save data to my other laptop but it still missing the recipes. this is annoying, i really want to reset my newer laptop but i can't do it without losing all the recipes.. i still need 9 more to get the achievement
  3. Do you get exp for learning them again?
  4. I got a new glitch while using the PS4 controller, I was getting the spice material thing, as I was turning the map using R1 and turning to the right (at the edge area to pick up another spice from the purple plant), my character went on a infinity loop walking in circle and I couldn't stop it... I tried disconnecting the controller, connecting it back, nothing worked and I couldnt play with my laptop's keyboard either. so basically this glitch made me useless in my team, I was walking in circle endlessly and couldn't do anything about it.
  5. Are you gonna at least extend the event times for console players who bought the game and can't play DST due to disk error? I mean, this is the least you can do to those who bought the game and can't access it, yes? Because by the time they're able to play all the good stuff might be gone, which sucks and not really their fault. Between, do you know if the disc version comes with the code to redeem for Shipwreck birdcage, and firepit? If it does, I will buy it.
  6. I can play one match just fine, then the controller goes unresponsive... it's so annoying, there's nothing I can do to fix it. I have to force quit and restart and it happens again after another match... it just goes unresponsive, I have no idea why this is happening... Update: It still happening, whenever I type for too long it disconnect my controller and won't let me reconnect it during the match I have to force quit the game for the controller to work again.
  7. Does the disc version comes with the code to redeem for the Shipwreck birdcage and firepit?