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  1. To be fair, he did allow her to preserve the knowledge that she was willing to die in a fire for. Without Maxwell, she'd have had no chance of saving the knowledge in those books, or even her own life. When he opened the portal into the Constant, she was ready to push her books in before she even thought of saving (or so she thought anyway) herself. Not only could she preserve the knowledge of the books, all within her own mind, but she also got a pretty slim chance to survive and bring it back home to start the library anew. Though Maxwell obviously manipulated her, and caused her library to burn down, the only other alternative was definitely dying and all of the knowledge burning away.
  2. What if you're right and we're the fools
  3. finally.... dont starve's notch hammer
  4. IIRC you can only make skins of things that are added in mods, and no non-head skins for characters I might be wrong, but I don't think you can make a skin for Walter unless you literally added a new character who is just identical to Walter but has the skin It might be totally different even then if you really dont plan on publishing it or anything... one of the api nerds will probably have answers to that
  5. Klei usually comes through on the monthly update thing... even if it ends up being like the last day of the month
  6. I think the hunger buff makes enough sense, idk about other people but for me personally I can eat something that's filling but if I don't like it a lot it won't really fully satisfy me But if I eat something I really enjoy I'll be way less hungry and I'll feel totally fulfilled. I have always found the lack of sanity increase to be odd, though This would be too easy to exploit
  7. A nightmare throne figurine and character figurines (+ Charlie) to go with it
  8. For a long time I've been in a sort of limbo, with no characters resonating with me enough to call any one of them a main, but lacking the skill to play a variety of characters The revamped WX has taken me out of that and I can actually genuinely champion them as my favorite character now. They were always my favorite in terms of design and personality but I found playing them (outside of the original Don't Starve) really bland. The rework hasn't disappointed me at all and I have a lot of fun with them. I'm glad that it turned out so well on all ends.
  9. They are a lot more alike than we ever expected... huh
  10. If this were doable through craftable boxes which could also be used on non-Winona structures that would also be really cool