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  1. Hallowed Nights Suggestions

    Your concept sketches even look like something you'd see from like Klei's concept art, geez
  2. Wurt

    You fools, we've had Wurt for years.
  3. It's moreso the odd inconsistencies. All of the sudden, Wortox and Wormwood both get their own skinned ghosts, but no one else does? And now the new Woodie forms, those literally contain remnants of Woodie's default skin, which makes the transformation that much weirder...
  4. Well, I'm sure no ones gonna be mad at you for that
  5. It all makes sense..
  6. I hope we DO get Charlie at some point. Maybe when the story is finally concluded. But logically, it'd be weird. What would be attacking the players in the dark..?
  7. I hope that with the release of this new character, they update this That'd be the PERFECT time to give the big spool drop!
  8. You don't have to, though Just get to a point where you feel it's a polished enough thing to release it. Updates later are always more hype anyway, and you won't have to set as many tight deadlines, nor will you feel the need to include a ton of stuff in each update, opposed to release where it's easy to feel like you're maybe not including enough Just pray that the new character doesn't have anything that'd need skins. You're probably covered on ghosts, if the other DLC characters are good indicators I hope you don't let this stress you out
  9. Aw, I see your plans for a beta didn't work out It's okay though, please dont feel inclined to rush or put out an unfinished product for a self-imposed deadline
  10. Wolfgang. A character held in high regard. A scaredy strongman with a big heart. His strength cannot be surpassed, his ego is great, but his passion keeps him grounded. For centuries, this character's backstory has been shrouded in mystery. Who is Wolfgang? Is he German?? Russian?? WHAT IS HE? Now, I've found an undeniable clue. Something that changes everything. The true identity of Wolfgang.
  11. His eye is transparent, so you can see the beard through his eye.
  12. Woodie's Roseate Beard Weird From Side

    I never thought you guys would tweak a skin that's over 2 years old... wow. Is it in this update, or a future one? I can't seem to tell a difference now