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  1. You guys should add in login bonus items to Klei Rewards, that'd make it so that those items don't stay super obscure forever, while also keeping people who are pretty diligent about the Twitch drops using it. Totally not because I got this game in March 2017... Right after Valentine's Day... I really want that Clucky Winter Hat...
  2. The beard seems too big to not be visible from behind.
  3. Oh yeah, Wigfrid's skin is great. All of these Merrymaker skins have been great, honestly
  4. On this topic of skins being weird, this isn't so much as buggy as that but more of what looks like an oversight Woodie's Merrymaker portrait shows him to have brown pants on, but in-game, he does not. Also on the new updated icon for the Winter Warden boots... The pants part of the boots is portrayed to be tight black pants.
  5. I'm always amazed by how horribly these topics manage to derail, it puts me on the edge of my seat When's Klei gonna come in? *Is* Klei gonna come in?
  6. Yes!! I want to like the Candy Man Warly, but the outfit isn't my thing, and I can't use it with anything else because of that lollipop.
  7. So is /toast just gonna be a new emote in the game now? Or will it be a limited time thing? I really wish all of this limited time Winters Feast stuff would become permanent... there's some good stuff in there...
  8. How do you feel about Winona now?

    The only version you CAN'T play as DLC chars in is pure vanilla (no RoG, no DLC compatibility), iirc But why would you want to play that, anyway?
  9. How do you feel about Winona now?

    It doesn't necessarily KILL Charlie, moreso eliminates the ability to perceive her, which makes her unable to attack
  10. How do you feel about Winona now?

    I agree, but then you have to realize that Winona's machines aren't really that interesting. Not much I really have to say that hasn't been said a thousand times. In this thread alone, even. I think this thread has honestly gotten the concepts for a dream Winona down. All I want is more exclusivity to fueling her machines, some sort of way to store energy without it being used, a buff for the spotlight, and some interesting new machines.
  11. How do you feel about Winona now?

    Actually a really interesting idea
  12. How do you feel about Winona now?

    I... agree with all of this wholeheartedly. I think her concept is neat, but I wish her character was more... unique.
  13. How do you feel about Winona now?

    Hah. Yeah, spotlight kinda sucks
  14. So... Winona. Haven't heard much about her in a while. It's been nearly 9 months since her rework was released. She was infamous for being the most bland and pointless character in the game, but had a turnaround that would begin an entire SERIES of reworks. Now... what do you guys think of her rework? Do you think she truly is a swap character? Did the rework hit the spot, or does she need some sort of new rebalance like Woodie got? Do you think that she suffers from "The First" syndrome*, and needs another total rework? My opinion? She just needs some way to make her perks more exclusive, so that she's not a total swap character. But I've been wondering about this for a bit now. No really, I lay awake at night. What do you guys think? *The First syndrome: When game developers do a series of things, and get more experienced as they do them. The only issue, is that the first one(s) can be seen as less good than the others. Due to it being the first, and therefore made when the developers had the least experience making that series of things.