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  1. Yeah, it definitely would be nice for the whole cast to at LEAST have all of the legacy sets (GoH, Roseate, Triumphant, Survivor, Hallowed Nights) since currently the newer ones feel very empty in the skin department
  2. It would be neat to see leafy meat and its associated recipes (that don't use other meat of course) become a totally neutral food that both Wigfrid AND Wurt could eat. But it IS leafy meat. Not meaty leaf. So probably not
  3. I've got no problem with that at all, but I'm not going to deny that it has very little early game value as well.
  4. Yeah, but they hold literally zero value otherwise. Like. None. At all. Only good for the first few days.
  5. It would definitely be interesting to see Klei allow us to mess with land and ocean tiles. Would make a super cool boss drop, maybe as your reward for conquering the oceans (whoever you'd need to beat up for that is uncertain) you'd gain the ability to make a tool for creating and destroying land tiles. It wouldn't be too broken, at that point you should have scoured all of the seas anyway. For those day 9999 megabase guys it'd be a dream come true.
  6. It's still not very impressive, and I can't really see any reason to craft any more than the 10 given upon spawning in. You're better off just getting yourself some gold rounds ASAP, it's not hard or expensive at all, letting you save your rocks for more vital things
  7. The thing is that they totally suck and aren't even competent for their cheap price
  8. The inherent issue is that no one even bothers to look there or post there. Like, ever. This thread is more relevant here because here is where the problem lies. No need to be a snark.
  9. Most likely won't even have much connection with the lore in place, but if it hits off we may see it become more prominent, I'd guess
  10. I'm not denying it's shadow magic, I'm just saying that it's the shadow magic that's scary. It's not something directly tied to any survivor like Night Armor, or a Dark Sword. It's just really creepy that this weird shadowy thing is making light that's oddly devoid of any temperature. Walter doesn't care though.
  11. I think Night Lights are actually just scary, and not shadow magic messing with your head. Thulecite Suit is probably the opposite of that case. Shadow magic, yada yada, brain go BIG.... feel happy