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  1. Old Wortox Portrait?

    Yeah, but we never saw any portrait art with this design, and this silhouette could imply that it once existed...
  2. Old Wortox Portrait?

    I can't help but wonder what this would've looked like... I don't think we ever got to see.
  3. So back when the roadmap was first released, and we were confirmed to be getting 4 DLC characters, this shadow of Wortox was there. This obviously was to signify that Wortox was arriving, but his in-game portrait is different from this. Was this created solely as a silhouette? Or is there a full portrait to be had?
  4. Wes rework

    ohh wait I'm stupid This is why I should not browse the forums when I first wake up
  5. Cat Caps need to be slightly more... useful. Just maybe cheapen the recipe and/or up the insulation.. Winona's Spotlight needs to be made good, although for that I personally think she would need her generators retooled a bit. They should be able to hold a charge with nothing happening, and spotlights should have bigger range, and be smart (i.e. turning off if everyone is in light). How to balance this? Who the heck would know how to fuel a generator besides Winona? Dangerous stuff, kids shouldn't be putting their hands near it. And Winona's Trusty Tape should make Sewing Kits less obsolete by either being A. Only usable by Winona or B. Way less effective if used by anyone who isn't Winona This would make actually HAVING Winona way more useful, and you could prepare ahead with your Spotlights and Catapults. This just became a rant about Winona. I guess she's the useless item here after all. (Although she's really in the right direction now)
  6. Wormwood's Balance Problem

    I think the ideas you've proposed are pretty nice, I agree with these points. You have no idea how many times a Wortox has just walked up to me and started dropping souls, and I just sighed and did my thing. The extra sanity lost for Living Logs... I still don't think that would stop people from doing it anyway, as sanity is something not to be cared about too much, especially when you can recover it so easily as Wormwood. Maybe it could require something physically.. like an actual log, so he can.. socket that onto his arm, or something. I think the Bramble Trap recipe upping on the stingers is a really good thing. Stingers aren't useful anyway. All this does is make the Bramble Traps a liiiiiittle less difficult to mass produce. Compost Wrap kinda sucks. Either needs a recipe nerf, a health buff, or some way to speed up or cancel the animation. Maybe you can keep right clicking as you apply it to "Hurry it up" These are good ideas! Would definitely balance out Wormwood
  7. Wes rework

    I won't totally blame him, I used to think Edgy Rick was the best player ever.. before I found out that he's.. not. But did he not know of the Willow rework?
  8. Wes rework

    I mean, that statement did have some degree of merit for a while. But then Klei made her an actually decent character. So I feel like the OP either just bases his info on Edgy Rick (which I'll be honest, I did for a while), or he just hasn't.. checked out Willow lately.
  9. This thread has made Wheeler go from someone I do not like, to best girl for me.
  10. [UNSURE] Boat Cam-Lock applies to Ghost Players

    Cool premature leak But seriously, I'm also not sure if that's intentional or not..
  11. If Wheeler were to be in the game, she would have to have a carol to rival the awesomeness of the one from Hornet's mod.
  12. Man, Watricia has a lot more fans than I thought, but the more I think about her, the more I realize how much I don't know about her... I think Waverly could be cool too! She give me very very VERY classic Don't Starve vibes (just look at her). Having a magic-based character could be awesome! The Shipwrecked cast... I really would like to see. Everyone's wanted "SW in DST!!" for so long now, and we have as close to that (officially) as we'll get. RIP the modders, though. Hamlet.... ehhhhhhhhh... it would be cool. But they're too new. Heck, Wormwood is literally around the price of Hamlet (and is free if you have it), so I think that gives us some insight on Hamlet. Waverly and Wallace are cool, wonder what Wallace would be. Winnie is no. Wilton... I just want to be a cool skeleton, man... I like skeletons. And Pyro... I wouldn't necessarily want him in officially, but I would die for a mod that actually covers everything planned for him.
  13. So, I noticed a little something that actually is really cool. As we are all aware of, boats are a thing now. And with boats, comes drowning. When your character drowns, they will lose a portion of their maximum HP. But something I noticed, if you are to drown as WX-78... he will actually lose DOUBLE the maximum HP. That's awesome!
  14. Honestly, I really like Walani too. She's just a really... not amazing, in Shipwrecked. She would definitely need a refresh. As for Woodlegs, I honestly think he could be viable to be added as a DLC character, but I would prefer someone new. Yes. Please. Please. It would also be awesome if when he "died", he would like... fall into the pose of the skeleton that would spawn.
  15. These votes are way more even than I thought, I'm glad everyone has their fans. Wilba would be touchy, depends on what goes on with Woodie this September. We don't need another character to make him obselete... Best mechanic. Honestly, was not expecting either of these, especially Watricia. But now I'm also curious...