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  1. Slowly the game is becoming more and more akin to how it's like playing it with clientside mods enabled Which is actually amazing
  2. the sound effects of explosions provide useful audio cues for you to know what's going on in case you didnt see it dont starve has like 90 different things to indicate "HEY HEY!! YOURE INSANE!! YOU HAVE LOW SANITY RIGHT NOW!!" i think the option to do without just one of them if you find it annoying is fair enough
  3. i mean.... yeah. you're right we've received so many toggles for much more menial things that barely anyone's really cared about, yet people have complained about this for years and nothing can't even argue with that one
  4. the only situation i can see charlie being playable is if the game's story concludes, like how you get to play as maxwell after completing the story mode of the original but how that would even work is beyond me, and it seems like we're very far from the end
  5. the font thing is probably just an oversight since the skin trader is like... old. custom fonts weren't really a thing in don't starve yet (when he was originally added. plus the font used for him ingame would look weird for the menus) the horn thing is most likely another oversight
  6. klei has been doing that weird "listening" thing so im pretty certain that they're aware of which characters are in the most dire states chances are webber will be one of the three this year
  7. if youre a collector and you literally are incapable of collecting something because you didnt even start playing the game until like months after exclusive items dropped that kinda sucks
  8. Yeah, the recipes seem pretty expensive too on top of the fact that they require your Inspiration to be at a certain level, but the tradeoff is that they seem to be infinitely usable. Once you craft a song, that song is yours to use until there's no more Wigfrids, or someone burns it I guess I love that none of these songs are something as basic as "you do more damage" or "you take less damage". This is a really creative way to keep Wigfrid's playstyle away from Wolfgang's. Sure, you could use any one of these songs on Wolfgang, but it wouldn't be any more beneficial than using it on anyone else.
  9. Currently the main reason Wigfrid's helmet is so good is because of its relatively cheap crafting recipe. I don't think that could be changed, but maybe a rarer, higher tier helmet using the Gnarwail Horn could exist. That'd be cool. Though I think a higher tier of spear would be better. Since Wigfrid's helmets hold their weight for a really REALLY long time, but her spears get outclassed pretty quickly (although they do have way more power than what you'd normally have earlygame... minus tentacle spikes...)
  10. I swear to God Warbucks is becoming the Herobrine of Don't Starve
  11. I'm not denying it's shadow magic, I'm just saying that it's the shadow magic that's scary. It's not something directly tied to any survivor like Night Armor, or a Dark Sword. It's just really creepy that this weird shadowy thing is making light that's oddly devoid of any temperature. Walter doesn't care though.