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  1. Alright, however I play all my games this way and I never run into this issue, I tried looking for a solution but failed to find any.
  2. bump, someone help me please I want to play the game
  3. Updated it still not working, can't change the resolution on full screen
  4. I'm still getting the same issue. If I set the resolution to 4k it works fine however I don't want to run the game on 4k as it has too much of a performance hit on my PC. For others games setting the resolution down to 1080p works perfectly fine. For DST I get this wierd issue. I attached my client log hopefully you can help me as I can't play the game like this. client_log.txt
  5. I can't play the game on fullscreen as it puts itself to the top left corner and does not go fullscreen.