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  1. Firstly wanted to say Griftlands is epic (no pun intended), and I'm so so so happy with the release. Secondly wanted to say that it's pretty sad to see so many not even entertaining the idea of purchasing the game through Epic, even though they'll get it for free on Steam when it's released into early access. I also find it crazy that people are supposedly boycotting Epic for being corrupt when Steam is the worst of the bunch. You say Epic doesn't care about it's community as if Steam does. And not only does Steam not care about their community, they also don't care about their developers. Epic offers a better cut for devs, and so what if they offered Klei more money? Klei are a business at the end of the day, yet they've always gone above and beyond for their community. EVERY game they have released that even slightly entertains the idea of playing with friends they've offered an extra free copy of the game with the standard purchase. Tell me another company that's done that with all their multiplayer games? If you want to keep getting amazing games from these guys SUPPORT THEM. Why are gamers so entitled. Why can't you guys support them the same way they support us? I prefer playing my games on Steam too - the UI and profile system etc is so much better, and all my games are also on there. But I'm not going to sit here pretend that Steam has consumers best interests at heart, or that they care about their devs. Steam are lazy and have had no real competition for a ridiculous amount of time, which is why they never try and do better. Epic are at least actively trying to get ahead of their competition. The reason so many devs are going to Epic is because they are being offered a much much better deal. If Steam wants to keep ahead of the competition they've got to start caring more about their developers.