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  1. On 10/5/2018 at 12:43 PM, RonEmpire said:

    I think the whole  thing about digging and only getting 50% back is kind of silly  as far as balance goes.

    What is the logic behind that?    Since everything on the map starts off as "tile"  and you have to dig them.  If they wanted us to have 50% less on digging them, then they should just  change the mechanics to be - you get 100% back and change the amount that is on the tile itself.

    Mass shouldn't just disappear from digging.  This can solve a lot of the problems of the whole critter pooping to reform tiles- making it easier to understand.    There shouldn't be a mass loss.

    But this is how Klei works. 

    Give us a proper airlock. Voila visco-gel.

    Can you turn down asteroids so we get less regolith? No, but we made a critter that eats it and creates five times as much.

    Boiling crude to Natgas is OP. How about lower the rewards? How about we have it turn into a new useless gas?