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  1. 1 hour ago, Zillvr said:

    Hello @Blaffy, welcome to the forums.

    I'm leaning towards this being working as intended. If you click "Set Direction: Right" button, then it will set the arrow to the right. Once arrow is pointing to the right, it's only toggle option would be to "Set Direction: Left". Maybe others can verify.

    This is right. The button is asking you if you want to set the direction to left-to-right travel. Not confirming which way the arrow is pointing. This is literally how every other button asks you to do anything in the game.

  2. 1 hour ago, Steve8 said:

    You say that like it's an exploit. Usually you don't want heat and if you want it this little bit isn't doing anything. Buildings used to output liquids or gasses at a fixed temperature and people abused that to delete heat. Now it they output at a minimum temperature.

    Water not changing makes some sense as it isn't processed (not sure if the water sieve makes regular water hotter). Salt water should get hotter too though. Still, according to your thread title this isn't about salt water not get warmer (which would be wrong), but brine getting warmer (which is fine)

    Yeah. That's why that is the title. The difference between brine and salt water is semantics. If one if behaving one way and the other isn't then it's probably not what they wanted. Which is why it's posted here.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Steve8 said:

    Working as it should. Your input is lower than 40°. So it will come out at least with that. And hotter if the input was hotter. Lots of machines work that way these days.

    Nothing to do with "free heat"

    Then why doesn't salt water change temp in the same manner? I would bet that this is one of those (many) things that made it through testing that isn't intended.


    And yeah...this is free heat.

  4. On 7/23/2019 at 12:20 PM, Ipsquiggle said:

    The fix for this just went out. Thanks for your patience!

    I just saw the patch notes page. It's loading still...
    At 87MB it usually takes a couple minutes.


    Got it. No crashes since the update yesterday.

  5. 1 hour ago, k_nicole said:

    @scaldinghotcarl Sorry to be clear this will be fixed in the upcoming hotfix, probably on Monday. The crash will still occur in 353781.

    To prevent the crash in bases over the weekend only build monuments in rooms smaller than 500 cells.

    Sorry for the confusion. 

    How does that even happen? Why would a monument have anything to do with a room size?

  6. 24 minutes ago, k_nicole said:

    Changed Status to Fixed

    This should be fixed in the next hotfix. Thanks for the report.

    This is most definitely NOT fixed. I'm running 353781 and I still have this error.


    16 hours ago, TheGCat said:

    I have the same error. I just want to say: Man, Jesus Christ... A savefile with 87MB? What have you done?  I have a lategame base with 1600 Cycles, but the save game is just 18MB big. If the game is working again, I will view your colony. :D I'm curious. Have a nice day.


    Does it mean you will not fix it? Because this error occurs after the latest Patch! Before, all was fine. It would be sad if my 1600 base were lost. :(

    Why not? It's a helluva a colony. Check it out because I've done just about everything you ever could and it's automated, and just another way to look at things.

  7. 2 hours ago, tzionut said:

    Deconstruct it and reconstruct. 

    I restarted the game and now I don't have any oil wells. This also fixed the problem.

    It hasn't behaved like this in the past, and regarding consistency, why doesn't this have an 'empty storage' option.


    Imagine if your hydrogen generator took in some oxygen and stopped running and there wasn't any way to correct it unless you reconstructed it. Or hydroponic farm tiles, but at least they can be emptied.


  8. Auto sweepers do the same thing. They'll load up a receptacle with 900kgs and then as that slowly unloads they keep topping it off with 60-80 at a time. For the same amount of power.

    But as far as it goes for yours I would assume that you have a storage priority somewhere and as the puft creates the slime and the dupes go and pick it up. That's all there is so that's all they can pick up. Try installing an autosweeper and a storage compactor. Will save you more time if you put in more shipping.

  9. 2 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

    Does deconstruction work?

    And dupes passing checkpoints is a known bug, without solution at the time. 

    I didn't let him sit there long enough to attempt to deconstruct. I just did an ALT + Q to move him out. I watched him get into the tube, but then stop once he took enough damage. He was in the tube so he should have kept going, but I'd bet that when 'incapacitated' happens they're coded to drop to the tile they're on and not move.

    Dupes have no priority for saving others, so I'd bet a months salary that he would have died in that tube. Besides, how would one of them stopped to pick him up if they themselves cannot stop in the tube?