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  1. These are designed to stop space rocks, so why didn't they? And then the next layer let them through without being destroyed. And then the next layer too. Oh...and the layer after that.
  2. But this is how Klei works. Give us a proper airlock. Voila visco-gel. Can you turn down asteroids so we get less regolith? No, but we made a critter that eats it and creates five times as much. Boiling crude to Natgas is OP. How about lower the rewards? How about we have it turn into a new useless gas?
  3. Ice disappears instead of becoming water when it melts

    Want to get rid of water in another way? Freeze water to turn into ice, then dig it up and now it's halved. Repeat as necessary to remove all water from map.
  4. Astronaughts lost all skills and started as fresh dupes

    They also don't count towards your population. One day I was down to 19 dupes without any of them dying. Destroyed my three command modules and got back six astronauts. Thanks Klei
  5. wrong text for egg shell in a conveyor

    It must say this for anything that is biological. It says that when I have food bristle berries on mine.
  6. Dupe goes past exosuit checkpoint without a suit. Starts taking damage and I move her base to base. Becomes incapacitated in the transit tube.
  7. Dupes foolishly waste carrying capacity

    Auto sweepers do the same thing. They'll load up a receptacle with 900kgs and then as that slowly unloads they keep topping it off with 60-80 at a time. For the same amount of power. But as far as it goes for yours I would assume that you have a storage priority somewhere and as the puft creates the slime and the dupes go and pick it up. That's all there is so that's all they can pick up. Try installing an autosweeper and a storage compactor. Will save you more time if you put in more shipping.
  8. Window Tile - Space Scanner + Telescope

    Space isn't ready yet, but they keep pushed it out as a live build. I tried building the telescope last night and it takes heat damage because space. So I build glass around it. Now it's research is being impeded because of glass. Still takes heat damage. Close game. Wished I still had 280450.
  9. Incapacitated in traansit tube. Unreachable.

    I didn't let him sit there long enough to attempt to deconstruct. I just did an ALT + Q to move him out. I watched him get into the tube, but then stop once he took enough damage. He was in the tube so he should have kept going, but I'd bet that when 'incapacitated' happens they're coded to drop to the tile they're on and not move. Dupes have no priority for saving others, so I'd bet a months salary that he would have died in that tube. Besides, how would one of them stopped to pick him up if they themselves cannot stop in the tube?
  10. [Game Update] - 284355

    I said the same thing about Prison Architect after I played off and on for eight months.
  11. Water restricted by mesh tiles

    I don't even know how I did this. In a remote section of the base and I just noticed it this way.
  12. I'm just going to report this one as a bug now since it clearly isn't the intent to have the microchips around the base to improve decor. Microchips being produced by power station and not being installed and left scattered around the colony. Consolidated for screen shot.
  13. Water restricted by mesh tiles

    I don't even know how I did this. In a remote section of the base and I just noticed it this way.
  14. Did Ridley Scott have anything to do with this? I sure hope he did.
  15. I've seen this too where a dupe sits down in a lavatory and then moves to the next and onto a third; never finishing. They then left that bathroom and walked across the map to another bathroom and finally finished on the second lavatory they sat on.
  16. [Game Update] - 273908

    Ok. I remember seeing the 273472 version last night/other day, but I'll check when I get home and post here. Steam is pretty sweet, but it isn't without it's own issues.
  17. [Game Update] - 273908

    Does Steam automatically update the game version when I launch the platform?