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  1. 饥荒机制bug:在饥荒中,人物吴迪有个设定是变成河狸会对木质生物或者物品造成额外伤害,河狸的原伤害是27.2,河狸能对各种树人【雷夫】和桦树精【毒桦树】召唤的坚果精都能造成44.2的伤害。桦树精由于没有血量没法测具体数值,但是河狸无法对食人花和眼球草,曼德拉草等造成额外伤害,河狸也无法对草甲,木甲,荆棘甲等木质装备造成额外伤害,还有茶几等建筑物品也是。 【Famine mechanism bug: In famine, Wu Di has a setting that turning into a beaver will cause additional damage to woody organisms or objects. The beaver's original damage is 27.2. The beaver can cause 44.2 damage to nuts called by various tree people [Reeve] and birch essence [Poisonous Birch Tree]. Birch essence can't measure specific values because it has no blood, but beavers can't cause additional damage to edible flowers and eyeball grass, Mandela grass, etc. Beavers can't cause additional damage to wood equipment such as grass beetles, wood beetles, bramble beetles, and other building products such as tea table】。