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  1. Save File Editor

    Getting the same error without mods as well :/ Okey had to unsubscribe from all mods on the workshop and deleted my entire klei folder in Documents and now I can save after editing. Disabling all mods ingame was not enough it seems...
  2. Save File Editor

    Ouch, well thanks for looking into it and sacrificing spare time on it. Edit : Btw QOL3 is released in three days so maybe no point in looking into it until then?
  3. Save File Editor

    Forgot to attach the save file, from "Q3-324933" Phlegm-Coated Hovel.sav
  4. Save File Editor

    Getting the following error message trying to save any changes "Error while processing content: l.toUnsigned is not a function" Fresh save from QOL3 beta branch. Thanks for your work !
  5. Save File Editor

    Thanks for the quick update, much appriciated ! Took some pics on the appearance options with numbering included. Body - Color on clothes Head & Mouth - Skin color, match these or you will get two different skin colors when the dupes are chewing food etc.