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  1. the update really was very fast, I thought we would have to wait a lot for the new Twitch Skins, but it was almost instantly ... thanks, klei, that way you only have to gain more affection and respect from your fans A doubt, after yesterday's update, the Christmas Skins now appear with the symbol of the event next, does that mean they will be available this year?
  2. @JanH Some developer to help us? #Klei #Ps4 @misswoggie Are you with us?
  3. @JoeW when will we be able to buy Skins on PlayStation? we can not stand the luck
  4. only I'm suffering with the weekly drops? I already received 3 drops and almost nothing Halloween, I feel tied for not having a way to get the skin I want without depending on the luck (which lately is very bad) Klei really NEED to release the purchase to us urgently.
  5. Is this year coming on the same date?
  6. the update only removed content and added a target? And the Skins that said they would come in the next update? Do we run out of content once more? I would really like to understand the difficulty of releasing a skin within an online game!