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  1. @CharlesB @JoeW @JanH @V2C @bizziboi@nome
  2. How can we weave any skin now? weekly we did not even win 100 reels, and there are many elegant Skins now, there is no option?
  3. all the weekly drops are being common items, or classics, dropped by themselves, are not coming to the event trunks for any player, on their own servers, or on dedicated servers, this is normal?
  4. ok, I will undo them to play, and after the update I get them again, thank you
  5. Yes I won one by completing the WX78 set and bought the chicken dance.
  6. my world does not open after the update, it gets frozen on the loading screen, and I also can not create a new world, can anybody help me?
  7. Thank you so much Klei, the update is wonderful, I can finally have the heads of Wx from the forge that I both wanted.
  8. I had seen this video and I did not believe it was Don't Starve
  9. Does that mean we're getting The Forge? Klei, i really love this updtade
  10. @PeterA Thanks for the reply, but what about The Forge? will not we receive for the second consecutive year?
  11. @minespatch does it still work after the end of the event? I play on PS4 and I have this doubt, because the event has not closed for us yet
  12. @PeterA When will it end up on the consoles?
  13. oh my God, this actress is from my country (Brazil), Nazaré Tedesco hahahahahahhah