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  1. the dynamic content is activated, since it was possible to activate it, I used Winona yesterday in a public klei server, and I built several boards in a row to make chests and other things, all of which had a cost of starving. I had to stop because of the stomach, I do not know what it might be then, but I'll wait, because she's not my favorite character
  2. Winona continues to lose constant hunger in each building, the limit of 1 minute is not yet applied ... we should wait for the next update
  3. @PeterA @CharlesB when will we receive these updates on the console? I think along with the update of the new character, right?
  4. After the update, the dedicated servers are disabled
  5. @Chris1448 Congratulations on the excellent work you bring to us here, thank you.
  6. will we receive a second set? as well? The gladiator Skins?
  7. Congratulations, now the option has gone, along with our hope
  8. @CharlesB when it will be available? I am eager to buy