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  1. I just loved them all, you're being incredible in the creations.
  2. Amigo, escreve em inglês, usa o tradutor e converte para o inglês... É a língua que eles utilizam aqui no fórum!
  3. In the last days the servers of PS4 are really very strange, the official servers of the klei with pings of 10 k, and several bugs in my servers and of my friends, like for example: animals sleeping during the day and do not wake up more, mobs disappearing in front of us, crashes out of the ordinary, rain during the summer .... and other bizarre things are happening in the last days
  4. Maxwell might be looking for this. - Wilson inspecting a pitchfork
  5. Super klei team, when will it come to PS4?
  6. You're awesome, Charles. hahahahahah
  7. since the last update, the klei servers are disabled...
  8. Hahahhahahahahahahhahahahha @CharlesB they get small on the floor
  9. @CharlesB @justinliew Congratulations to the quick answers and the effort to solve all the problems, this is very rare to see today .... and congratulations to all the team that acts in the consoles for bringing this update of corrections so fast for us...
  10. Any company is subject to find problems in the way, and unforeseen happen, this is totally understandable, but if you can not release for everyone, postpone the launch .... throw to a platform and leave one waiting to arrive is inhuman, you need improve it urgently ... we mobilized today a group of almost 40 people to wait for the launch on PS4, people changed their routines, breaks, work schedules and only received the news that only they would not receive today, maybe next week ... it is quite different if we had received the news that there was a problem in the launch and we would all have to wait a little longer ... anyway, it's just an outburst of a fan that maintained a community