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  1. Congratulations, the event is incredible! A doubt, can beefalos skins be used after the event? (I would really like to)
  2. after the beefalo year update, the game can't stay open for a few minutes and we already received the crash message, I'm playing on a PS5
  3. After the last update the enlightenment stopped working on a large part of my lunar island, working only in specific parts of the island.
  4. thanks for the quick update, i'm having a problem with the dragonfly pet skin, i bought it, and when i use it it just doesn't work, even using the clean sweeper
  5. if you are playing on PS4 / Xbox one, you won the skin, but it is not in this version of the game yet, it will only be available next week when they update
  6. @JoeW I'm still working, and some friends have told me that the fantasy skins are already available for use on PS4, can we buy the new packs or weave the skins with spools? or do we have to wait until next week for that?
  7. I had bought both chests and did not receive any spool or extra items... I will observe in the coming days
  8. Thank you very much @nome and @YormanA, the console community loved the news
  9. Me and many of my community face a wide range reduction and Houndius Shotius needs a lot more battle stimulus to attack, the player needs to hit or take a lot more damage to wake him up, probably due to the reduced range ...
  10. @CharlesB the Houndius Shotius is not working the same way, so we have a possible problem
  11. what I’m witnessing this week, the game doesn’t save the day we’re leaving, for example: it’s the afternoon of the day 10, and I disconnect from the game, when I open it again I’m at the beginning of the day 10 ... I've seen it happen quite often And the crashes when saving the day have decreased, but they still happen!
  12. I used it, but it didn't show any error when using the clean sweeper, it happens more often when starting the day, and sometimes randomly walking around the map it's a very big world, with 8,400 days, I'll send you my save to be able to analyze
  13. send as soon as I get home! thank you
  14. I'm having crashes when starting a new day, when starting the save, the game displays the blue screen
  15. Thanks for the quick fix! I could see in the last update, a noticeable reduction in the duration of the miner's hat and some other hats, was this planned?