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  1. 3 hours ago, CharlesB said:

    UPDATE: Before anything else, try changing your language to English in the options and see if it still crashes. It may be an issue caused by localization

    What's happening at the end of the video? Is it crashing back to the playstation UI? If it's giving you the option to report the crash, can you submit it and type some sort of note as well, "Marco crash in main menu" or something like that so I can identify it? 

    Also, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game? That crash screen you've posted a few times doesn't really make sense as a crash, it seems a file may have become corrupted.


    It freezes the screen on this error, and does not give the option to do anything, I can't report, and i have to force the game to close . I have already uninstalled and installed the game again, and changed my language to English, the error remains the same ... I maintain a Brazilian community with 16 thousand players and several are having the same problem

    I am attaching the image of the same error happening to another player


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  2. 3 hours ago, CharlesB said:

    Você está se referindo apenas ao intervalo também ou a algum outro comportamento?

    Me and many of my community face a wide range reduction and Houndius Shotius needs a lot more battle stimulus to attack, the player needs to hit or take a lot more damage to wake him up, probably due to the reduced range ...

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  3. what I’m witnessing this week, the game doesn’t save the day we’re leaving, for example: it’s the afternoon of the day 10, and I disconnect from the game, when I open it again I’m at the beginning of the day 10 ... I've seen it happen quite often

    And the crashes when saving the day have decreased, but they still happen!

  4. 31 minutes ago, CharlesB said:

    No, it seems to crash when he's activated. I'm testing the fix so it should be available in a couple of days.





    After the game crash my PS4 can no longer identify my PSN plus for Don't Starve Together, I already restarted the console, and the error persists ... all other online games are normal, except Don't Starve Together (Mine  PSN plus subscription only expires next year) ... can you help me?  I just saw 4 more friends with the same problem

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  5. Just now, reichull said:

    I can hardly make it a day without it crashing and it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is either. I’ve had it crash at the start of the day, middle of the day, and at the very last second of the night (losing 100% of what I did throughout the whole day). 

    I’ve been trying to disconnect often just to save my progress. I disconnect at the middle of each day and also after any major event I do. Even then I’ve had it crash while trying to disconnect/save so, I don’t know. 

    Loving this event and I know it’s limited time so I’m hoping this gets resolved soon as well 

    It's exactly like this

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  6. In the last days the servers of PS4 are really very strange, the official servers of the klei with pings of 10 k, and several bugs in my servers and of my friends, like for example: animals sleeping during the day and do not wake up more, mobs disappearing  in front of us, crashes out of the ordinary, rain during the summer .... and other bizarre things are happening in the last days :wilsondisappointed:

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  7. 16 hours ago, PeterA said:

    No worries, thanks for being a dedicated fan! When the fundamental issue between Sony and our servers is resolved you'll get a second set of items from the bundle. This is expected, no need to file another bug then. :)

    will we receive a second set? as well? The gladiator Skins?