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  1. after cultivated until the last stage the Leafy canopy do not have the shade area, and also do not protect from heat and fire in summer. the same applies to trees found naturally in the waterlogged biome in the ocean.
  2. And the Brazilian Wx-78 conquers another millennium! I reached the 13,000th day and I am very happy to share my achievements with you! I play on PlayStation, without any mod or command! I hope you like it, I have a lot of affection for this world, I started it in 2017, and I made all the progress in it by myself! thank you to everyone, and especially the Klei team for the wonderful gaming experience you provide for us.
  3. I have a world on PlayStation that's almost 13,000 days old and it went well, 3 new biomes emerged in the ocean
  4. hello friend, welcome to the forums! After placing the three altars in the fissures it's not possible to remove them, only if you kill the celestial champion again
  5. Sony handles very rigidly and complicated when it comes to marketable items within games, this transition between platforms as simple as it seems to be, it's not...
  6. I've been actively following the game on PlayStation since the beta, and I can say with absolute certainty that klei has invested a lot in consoles, but there are things that unfortunately don't just depend on them, and as Nome said, this affects many companies that develop for multiple platforms.
  7. with me on PS5 almost every time I don't have the skin animation showing, it just goes into my inventory, but I get it normally
  8. this steam code redemption method worked a long time ago, some very old players must have the skin for having redeemed at the time, unfortunately Sony does not inform Klei which games the player has, making it difficult to deliver the rewards on the console.
  9. guys, unfortunately it will happen to everyone, the build we have today on the console is broken, until they fix it we will not be able to kill the celestial champion
  10. If the character is not with the sanity above 85% the crown does not appear, even when equipped.
  11. @Gleenus I am saddened by your lost data But I have to say how much I'm admired for the support and agility that the entire Klei team had in solving this error so that it does not happen again and giving the necessary support...It was incredible, you are awesome, congratulations Klei
  12. the worlds already created are not working since the update, so I created a new server, which opened normally, played on it for about 1 hour and won my first weekly gift, which was a White polo shirt, but I played much longer without any more present, the white shirt I had won does not appear in my inventory, and every time I open and close the server I get the same white shirt again ...
  13. after the update, we are not able to open any of our worlds without having a blue screen @CharlesB I have this problem on PS5, and I have received several reports from PS4 players as well
  14. all my friends are warning me that they can't connect to their servers now it seems to be some error in the psn
  15. update: after uninstalling again, restarting my PS5 and installing the game again in English no more error! Should I leave my console in English only from now on?
  16. It freezes the screen on this error, and does not give the option to do anything, I can't report, and i have to force the game to close . I have already uninstalled and installed the game again, and changed my language to English, the error remains the same ... I maintain a Brazilian community with 16 thousand players and several are having the same problem I am attaching the image of the same error happening to another player
  17. after today's patch it got even worse VID-20210216-WA0101.mp4
  18. It's impossible to make any trade of skins in the trade inn section, because the game crashes, and if you spend some time with the curio cabinet open, it crashes too, it's been like this for a week, can you fix it? note: I play on a Playstation 5