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  1. Same problem here on PlayStation @JoeW@PeterA
  2. At a certain time random items simply become invisible in the game depending on the skin they are using, there have been many updates and the skins we buy still appear invisible when applied to some items, it is really very embarrassing to make streams and game content in this state, not to mention the shadows of the trees that we have never seen until today VID-20220331-WA0200.mp4 VID-20220331-WA0203.mp4 VID-20220331-WA0206.mp4
  3. 4 months have passed and I'm still waiting for this
  4. after cultivated until the last stage the Leafy canopy do not have the shade area, and also do not protect from heat and fire in summer. the same applies to trees found naturally in the waterlogged biome in the ocean.
  5. guys, unfortunately it will happen to everyone, the build we have today on the console is broken, until they fix it we will not be able to kill the celestial champion
  6. If the character is not with the sanity above 85% the crown does not appear, even when equipped.
  7. @Gleenus I am saddened by your lost data But I have to say how much I'm admired for the support and agility that the entire Klei team had in solving this error so that it does not happen again and giving the necessary support...It was incredible, you are awesome, congratulations Klei