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  1. When Gas Pipe Elemental Sensor has None selected and the pipe has nothing in it, the sensor should output Green Signal. Actual: Outputs Red Signal.
  2. Sensor that detects load on the wire. Use case? I want to wire pump to the SPOM circuit that have over 1000W potential load, but I'd automate it only to run when there's capacity on the line (low priority)
  3. Rectangle selection, that is present on commands like Dig, Priority and so on, would be far more convenient to use on Sandbox tools than current "brush" behavior. I very often find myself using "Ctrl+F4 Instant mode" for digging/deconstructing for that reason, but I still have to use Clear Floor afterwards. The suggestion is to change the brush behaviour on Brush, Heat Gun, Clear Floor, Destroy and Reveal to rectangle selection or make that behaviour optional via toggle in Gameplay options.
  4. Power Transformers indefinitely generate 1k DTU of heat as long as it has power stored even if it's not connected to any input or output and also when PT is disabled.
  5. Looks great. Could you upload this on Steam workshop?