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  1. This has been an issue forever. So, if you're insane and you go to sleep in a tent while a shadow is nearby, often times it will sit outside the tent, even for over a minute and when you have well above the insanity threshold, and as soon as you get out of the tent it will bite you and disappear.
  2. cheating. the moleworm was lured in by the minerals in his watch.
  3. Biggest problem is people who find bugs, don't report them, and use them to confuse average players.
  4. Should speak for yourself not us. You're the first negative response in the entire thread. Guano biome was not very useful before and still isn't very useful. I never tried to make bat bat in game, but now that it's easier, I will. So the guano biome has become more useful than useless for me. Never have issues with burning bees if you just don't kill an obscene amount without picking up the stingers, and not burning them... There's a lot of variables at play to actually accidentally burn bee hives. Even if it's summer and they smolder, seeds could do the same thing.
  5. wait. did they actually say update is on the 20th
  6. Doesn't always happen, but I don't know why it sometimes happens or how to replicate. I was using a lot of client mods so that may affect it. Sometimes I would go to open Woby, and the entire game would shut down when I open Woby. Happened twice within an hour. Woby had a few things inside like chester's eyebone. Seemed to happen both times while Woby was running away mid open.
  7. As for QoL it'd be nice to have better chest inventory management. It's hard to find correct chests on longer servers. I think if you click on an item, it should highlight a nearby chest that has said item. And there should be a control to automatically stack items into nearby chests that have said item, like how Terraria does it. That would save me so much time and frustration looking in every chest. The rabbit earmuffs many have requested be a hat you can craft by hand without a science machine. It would help people who are joining in winter so the server doesn't die. Currently if you join in winter, your best hope is to burn trees and plants every 30 seconds just to move around. It really sucks and there should be an easy clothing option for winter starters so they aren't burning the world. plus it's fair to them. I would like if you could jump from land mass to land mass if its just a tiny river separating the two. Nothing as painful as trying to get to a biome that is one little hop away, but the river means you have to walk 2 minutes to get to the other biome. The player can jump a tiny distance off land to hop on a boat, why can't they hop a little distance over a tiny river? General beefalo domestication buffs would be cool. Even if you're very diligent every day about taming a beefalo it normally takes over 20 days. 20 days which you can't explore the caves, go sailing, etc.
  8. broader point is lamps should give some heat. juggling scorch fishes which are limited to the first summer is something that would be almost exclusively seen in private server play and not public server play.
  9. that is a lot more effort than making a firepit with 12 rocks and 2 logs secondly you can only catch them in summer. summer comes after winter and spring, the two seasons you would freeze.
  10. Yeah, if it gave a little heat, then it would be cool to save a ton of space on a boat. Another idea is a endothermic lamp attachment that provides a little cooling so that you don't need an endothermic firepit either.
  11. Using a catcoon whip, if you get a killing blow with the louder, pacifying crack of the whip, then the barnacle plant will not really die, and will go back to it's dormant position. You can't attack it to kill it once it's like this, and it won't behave normally in general.
  12. I'm sad wurt can't eat any of the leafy meat recipes. I guess it's more meat than leaf :I
  13. Terrorbeaks will morph into terrorclaws if they follow you onto a boat. If anyone figures out how to use the lightning conductor and deck illuminator let me know :I You can attach a lightning conductor and a deck illuminator to your mast. You can refuel the illuminator with same fuel as firepit. It doesn't provide any heat, so firepits are probably still necessary for winter sailing. It also has a significantly lower light radius than firepits.
  14. Yay, I was hoping for something like the shipwrecked aquatic nightmare monsters. I see new masts upgrades. Perhaps we'll get more craftable boats for different shapes, durabilities, and smoldering invulnerability?
  15. Walter seems pretty good right now. I think his ice pellets could be a little better somehow, but they did just give him more range. So at least it has longer range than the ice staff. Thing is, the ice staff douses flames and smoldering items and structures, and is better in situations where you're freezing enemies that always freeze in one hit because the ice staff in that case is faster and more cost efficient per blue gem than frozen pellets. it's like a quarter of a pitchfork tile longer. Just a tiny bit more. It was equal to ice/fire staff before, but now it's just step further
  16. You can duplicate Walter's tent rolls. First set up the tent roll somewhere, then right click it to dismantle, but as soon as it starts the dismantle animation, switch to a hammer and quickly hammer while it's in that animation. That will cancel the animation and the tent will not disassemble. Finally, hammer the tent 3 more times, and you will be able to pick up 2 tent rolls. This dupe can happen when large bosses with walking hammer physics like bearger interrupt the tent animation as well.
  17. Every character mounting has a missing animation for when they use the moon rock idol at the repaired florid postern. They appear invisible when they try to do this.
  18. Big Woby can freeze if you have several ice hounds die around her or if you burn several items at her feet and use an ice flingomatic. Big Woby has no freeze animation but remains frozen in place until she thaws.
  19. flex emote. Also. Poor Woby doesn't have any mounted emote noises like the beefalo does. Though Woby herself makes noises when she's not mounted.
  20. First noticed on Glermz stream, he was annoyed that the slingshot does not continue to hit the same target if other targets are closer. The sling shot will switch target to whatever is closest with each new attack. I think it would be better if the slingshot attacked like the elemental staves and darts. If you hold in attack key with darts/staves, you will not switch target at any point. Slingshot targeting is especially bothersome because if a bird lands, ctrl + attack key will target the bird over the enemy if the bird is closer.
  21. Poop shot is very good for killing bishops if you can time it right. It will cancel their attack if you hit them during their charge. Spam shooting poop so that their first attack does not hit you. Then follow up with 6 attacks > poop shot, and repeat until dead. Don't Starve Together 2020-06-15 21-53-05_Trim.mp4 Double bishop at the full machine Don't Starve Together 2020-06-15 21-28-20.mp4 Another tip: All of Walter's ammunition can be fed to slurtles and rock lobsters for slurtle slimes and companionship respectively. With just one rock or one poop, you can craft 10 items to befriend rock lobsters, or 10 items to feed slurtles for slurtle slime. It's super resource efficient. Woby can eat anything with the monster food tag on it, meaning she can eat monster tartare, monster lasagna, durian, and monster meat.