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  1. I don't get an error message. My screen freezes and after 5 seconds says, you've been disconnected. loggy.txt
  2. if you use the clean sweeper on the campfire just as it peters out and turns to ash, the server will crash. I have the campfire skin.
  4. It's been around since they added boats and the drowning mechanic. If you're drowning yet nothing is blocking your landing, then I would find that abnormal. I haven't had that happen. But if there are things blocking your landing and you drown because of it - that issue has been around. Still good to report it.
  5. yeah, if objects block your landing you can get pushed into the ocean.
  6. I have nothing against this gist of this mod, it kicks people with a recorded history of griefing. But I'm bringing this up because this client mod allows you to do something you most certainly shouldn't be able to do. My friend used this mod and said he was a DAY 1 character in a 2000 day world in the Klei official server Hound Huggles. And just upon entering, the mod automatically started a kick vote against another player in the server because they were on the DST_Survivors ban list. Notice, my friend was day 1 and was able to start a kick vote. My friend was then kicked by a separate vote because the Hound Huggles people were perplexed that he could start a kick vote on day 1. They accused him of being a hacker, but he just happened to be using the mod. That is impossible to do without mods. Mods should not be able to allow you to start a kick vote on day 1. Obvious abuse of power with mods. It's a disturbing precedent that I have only seen with this mod, I hope you fix it Klei. Otherwise, I have no issue with the mod itself. It just should NOT give you new kicking powers that others don't have.
  7. The client mod for showing the day clock in the cave was removedddddddddd. It was so useful. I noticed it wasn't working, and actually, I didn't have it, cuz it was deleted. Can someone smarter than me put the mod back up on steam. edit: here is teh epic solution thread for those who happen upon this post.
  8. If a tentacle targets Abby first, then you can continuously attack the tentacle without fear of it changing targets, it will continue to attack Abby until she dies. You don't need to kite, just straight up attack it until it dies. It makes Wendy very very quick and safe at clearing the swamp given some healing elixirs, and the easy tentacle spikes are appreciated. Abby also makes Wendy one of the best tentacle pillar killers. Just have Abby standing as close to you as possible before you start attacking the tentacle pillar, and Abby should kill all of the baby tentacles around you. The Antlion has no way of damaging Abigail, the sandspikes do not hurt her. This means the damage elixir is very useful for the fight. Wendy can kill the antlion very quickly with Abby's flower debuff, and her elixir buff. The graves in the labyrinth where the ancient guardian spawns can spawn pipspooks. This plus the glands given from dangling depth dwellers allows you to make both the healing elixirs which are great for clearing the ruins. The attack elixir is useless in the cave because Abby always does max damage in the cave.
  9. I have no idea how long this has been happening, but I have entered many many many Klei public servers with this issue because that is where I play generally. I've noticed that there's no clockwork set pieces in the overworld. I don't know if this was always a thing, or a recent phenomenon. Private servers will have clockworks set pieces above, but Klei pubs will not. First became aware of this when every single game was starved of gears if no one went to ruins. I like to go to ruins a lot, so people were very reliant on me to get them gears lol. At first I was suspicious, but joined several Klei public servers since then and I think I can confirm there's no clockwork set pieces. Clockwork statues are present, but no clockwork enemies. I play on Here Piggie Piggie and Catch that Splumonkey
  10. If you recall her with fire/ice staff, sleep/fire dart, then when you summon her again she forgets that she's supposed to follow Wendy around. She moves around aimlessly. The only way I've gotten her to start following me around again is to rollback, or enter/exit cave.
  11. pipspooks mess with building stuctures like campfires at night. you can't build around a pipspook. other followers like abby and all the pets don't mess with building structures. pipspook should be more like abby and the pets?
  12. no I used the regular dart. should do 100 damage. sleep dart has red feathers. the one in the gif has blue feathers which is the regular dart.
  13. mactusk has a 25% chance to drop his hat, and a 50% chance to drop his tusk no matter how he dies.
  14. Sometimes when you shoot a blow dart (the "blowdart_pipe") at a monster it will do nothing, but will still expend 1 dart use. I don't why it fails, but it happens so often that you shouldn't have a hard time replicating it after a few shots.
  15. probably just something to do with pipspooks pathing fix in last update. pipspook got stuck on abyss edges occasionally.
  16. I accidentally wacked abby while in the ruins today. It makes her HP go to 0 and her max hp go back to 150 instantly. It would have ended the entire cave run if I hadn't just then completed it. Maybe hitting abby should just recall her instead of severely handicapping yourself? I see no reason why anyone would want to damage their abby now that she can just be recalled with the flower. It made sense before the rework, but not so much now.
  17. It looked like the pipspook saw the trinket and attempted to travel to it, but wasn't able to reach it because they were stuck in the corner, so I couldn't obtain the mourning glory prize. There are almost always graves by the Ancient Guardian which I used, but they aren't useful for mourning glories if the pipspook's pathing makes it impossible to get mourning glories. Pathing could be fixed, or you could make pipspooks able to fly over the abyss areas to avoid getting stuck.
  18. Wendy still struggles fighting shadows at .75x damage as Abby cannot help there. Fighting most bosses alone is difficult as well as Abby dies really fast since she takes double damage from bosses and rooks.
  19. Thanks for the update and working hard despite the crazy circumstances from covid19.
  20. Using the silhouette, I determined what the new character will look like.
  21. bring back aggressive abby gang. but tags for glommer, ruins vases and chairs, birds, beefalo, bernie.
  22. I think it makes sense to make her not aggressive to awake birds, bernie, glommer, and the vases and chairs in ruins (yes she attacked those too). But her aggro on butterflies was very useful. I've seen glommer die 4 times already to Abigails lol.