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  1. Awe. so saddles are not intended for Woby? Glossamer saddle would be really great because Woby is kinda slow.
  2. Woby seems too slow. I know Wobe loses speed with hunger, but even the max speed is quite slow. If you could put glossamer saddle on Woby that would be cool. I guess we won't be seeing Wheeler in DST because they are so similar. Would be a shame because Wheeler is a fave of mine.
  3. I reported this maybe two months ago and got jack for response... In my experience the ability to kick and regen world on day 1 is caused by a mod. I can find it when I have more time.
  4. Is Warly the only person to not have a favorite food?
  5. Bunny earmuff not needing science machine would be nice qol change for those starting in winter.
  6. Dunno if this was posted but you can convert grass into twigs if you have 3 twigs, 3 grass, and an alchemy machine to start. Craft 6 fences which costs 3 grass and 3 twigs. Then place and destroy the fences to obtain 6 twigs. 3 grass & 3 twigs --> 6 twigs. The tackle receptacle recipe is 1 boneshard, 1 doodad, and 1 driftwood. Because every material is only 1, you can hammer it to receive 100% of the crafting materials back - even if the tackle receptacle is burned! This means you can use a prototyped tackle receptacle to burn in winter for heat, smash it to get 100% resources back, and then craft it again to repeat. It burns for 30 seconds, giving you a lot of free heat. Very useful for ruins exploring in winter because there is little to nothing to burn in the ruins for heat. So it's a resource-free heat source you can carry around!
  7. almost definitely not a mod. I've seen several people doing it and one of them told me to reproduce by editing folders and then use the wardrobe.
  8. I've seen a ton of people doing this bug lately and it's been causing a lot of general confusion. People are able to reskin their character to look exactly like another character. I don't know exactly the process, but I believe they edit save files corresponding to characters outfits (for example giving wendy a wolfgang preset), then in game they go to the wardrobe and they select the preset they edited to reskin their character to look like another character. What is done is you type GetPlayer().prefab = "character" into the console, then you use wardrobe. They can even change their ghost skin to look like another character's ghost skin. wilson skinned as willow -
  9. Ah sorry. I see now it crashes when you use volt goat jelly, then do all the steps to reproduce. volt goat jelly with ice staff makes it crash. No mods on. I don't get the error message when it crashes, it freezes for a bit and says disconnected. server_log.txt
  10. not to be incessant, but this bug still exists and idk if anyone saw it.
  11. If you use the ice staff on the fiery remains of a lavae who died, then the server will crash. This crash doesn't seem to happen with flingomatic, waterballoons, luxury fan, or extinguishing with ice - just with the ice staff. Maybe something to do with its projectile. unfortunately not an uncommon bug because people try to save their items from fire with ice staves during this fight. that's how my friend and I stumbled upon it.
  12. If a fish is a second or two from turning into "fish meat" and you give it to the hermit, and it turns into fish meat while she's measuring it, the server crashes.
  13. same as panflute bug i reported where she would sleep, but have no sleeping animation. If you use a flingomatic or an ice hound, it will freeze the hermit and she will stay frozen in place for a while, but she will have no freeze animation herself.
  14. i might have missed where it shot off. seems to work now.
  15. If you use the panflute near the hermit crab, she will stand still for several seconds. She seems to act like she's sleeping, but has no animation for sleeping.
  16. Loved this update from playing on beta. Didn't expect a release this soon! Thank you. And skins are A M A Z I N G.
  17. yeah that's true. but now u need to get the blueprint for the turf. so you have to deal with luggin lots of shell pieces around until you get the blueprint. might wanna save your empty bottle for something else.
  18. I think broken shells should stack to 40 instead of their current max stack of 10. You get a ton from smashing all the shells from sunken junk. I had 6 stacks of these things by the time I smashed them all.
  19. the little critter animation that plays after you hammer a shell bell will stay on the water rather than on the moving boat.
  20. Stacking the shell might be hard because each individual shell has 12 different notes. When you pick it up, you want it to keep the note usually.
  21. It requires 5 nuggets for the final materials. I put in 10 nuggets and it didn't refund me 5 nuggets. Compared to the celestial portal, the portal will refund excess nuggets while Pearl's house won't.
  22. I noticed one of the hermits quotes is something along the lines, "always happy for free meat!" when you use the drying rack, though I always give her dried kelp because it dries fast and is more abundant. point is it's not meat
  23. Why does Pearl keep telling me that the ocean is full of junk? I got rid of all the sunken sea junk around her island. I picked up all the seeds and bottles nearby, burned all the kelp, mined most the sea stacks. Still too much junk? But there's nothing left ;-;