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  1. Yay, perfect update. Can pinecones be used in compost? It's great you're looking into fertilizer feedback! I personally appreciate the ideas on here:
  2. Hey, I got this item a year or two ago. It's great that people who missed it in the previous years can now get it. But I'm a little dismayed that previous Loyalty skins are impossible to get now . I missed a Valentines skin, and the Year of the Gobbler skin. I would love to be able to spend my Klei Rewards points on those skins!!! I currently have a whopping 7500 points... and because I got EVERY twitch skin, I have nothing to spend my points on. Can we please see previous Loyalties on the Rewards system pretty please???
  3. Love this change. It's definitely an option for color blind. Also it's just hard to tell the nutrient levels anyways. My friend is color blind and happens to be a Warly main so this is important personally lol. It's very important to know how much of each fertilizer you have on your field, and the colored shapes can be ambiguous to discern how much nutrient is actually there.
  4. I'm thinking about that a lot too. Beta testing worlds are working such that people are *exclusively* farming. This won't be the main play style, say a month from now. So opinions on beta could easily be biased in favor of new farming mechanics. How strong would farms be if people only casually tend to it, and aren't farming masters? I have some casual nooby friends who would like to grow a glorious farm as well, without getting a headache. You need 4 of the same species for family bonus.
  5. My first impression still feels true. Options are narrowed down. 4x4s were balanced in their own right because plants absorbed a plethora of nutrients and water, and likely needed micro managed with fertilizers. 1:1 combos removed not only takes away more versatality, but easier early game combos to get a start on. The new nutrient system makes you have to be a mathematician to get these combos right since you can only pair 3+ now. Honestly, I couldn't farm without a cheat sheet. After looking at what crops you can actually combo, it felt bad learning that you cannot get onion or garlic combinations until spring, and pepper now only has an easy combo in Summer. Prepatch all 3 of these comboed in autumn, so the new combos are a big hit to early game Warly which felt unreasonable.
  6. 12 is possible, but the original 3x3s were pretty dominant anyway. So to me, the 4x4 farm plot wasn't a big deal. While I tried 4x4 plots, only some of my crops were giant, and meanwhile my friend used 3x3s and all his were giants. Reason was because 4x4 plot ate up a ton of nutrients so it balanced out. Don't feel it needed to be removed, or at least in the way that it made 3x3s harder to produce.
  7. check out laknish's link. Legacy combos are prepatch, new combos are of course the new combos.
  8. New combos look significantly more challenging, and options narrowed down quite a bit. No more duo combos? Were they such a bad thing?
  9. Hm. Seed pack is awesome, but if it had at least chef pouch spoilage rate, I think it'd be pretty good. Otherwise I might just leave seeds in chests. RIP 4x4 farms
  10. yess. Wickers book now needs 5 seeds, and seeds can't be gotten from birds in cages anymore. It's become a bit of a chore. And yeah, I feel like I over fertilize all the time on accident but I can't tell.
  11. It would be nice if scarecrow were added to the farm mechanics some how. it could scare off pests like the crows and fruit fly
  12. Winter is actually pretty unforgiving for Wurt. I like the idea of Wurt having vegetable options in winter outside bunnyman farm, kelp, stone fruit.
  13. That would be the point of crop rotation as well. Using current combinations right now is maintained by the combination. Halving the consumption/production would not affect the viability of seed combinations, but allow crop rotation to exist as well, opening more possibilities.
  14. Definitely agree. Crop rotation would be great if fertilization values allowed for it to be viable. As the values currently are, you're best off growing families in mutual combinations with little to no manual fertilizing.
  15. Crockpot recipes need help, I agree. I hope people are drawing their conclusions from actually playing normally, not using the console to make every variable perfect. Having said that, I don't agree old farms were less useful. New farms are better in a couple ways. I would say after the first in-game year, new farm harvests are better proportionate to the work involved than old farms because you'd actually have the right seed combinations to work with at that point. And it's great that crops can grow in winter. But that's probably all the big positives mechanically of new farming. I'll give you the scenario that plays out in normal games for every seed that is a 2% find, like garlic/onion/pepper/pomegranate/durian/dragonfruit with new farms. Old farms worked way better early on. If you found 1 pepper from random seed, you could multiply that pepper right then provided you had fertilizer, a bird, and a farm. If you get 1 pepper from random seed in new farm... It means very little. Pepper is a ~2% chance of appearing, meaning you would need to till 100 times and plant 100 seeds to even likely get 2 peppers from random seeds - so it's not terribly likely to happen in normal games early on. So let's say you only get 1 pepper. Even if you perfectly tended the 1 pepper - which we can't assume everyone is going to do - it will give 1 pepper + 2 seed, feed the pepper to a bird and you still only have 3 seeds which isn't enough to make any Giant peppers next time around. You'd have to then grow those 3 pepper to fruition to finally have enough seeds to meet Giant conditions. It would take 3 entire cycles starting with 1 pepper to get 4+ pepper seeds, assuming you tend the farm professionally every day, which again we can't assume everyone will do. Even by the time you do have enough peppers for Giant, it will be winter and they won't become giant if you planted them. It'll be a very long, grindy process to even begin to have a decent farm going.
  16. Yes, it's working. My suggestion was that it should work like waterballoons. Watering cans puts out one burning item - waterballoons puts out a group of burning items in an area.
  17. gone are the days of lining up my tills with a prebuilt chest.
  18. heck yes. I think the one thing keeping a farm from being manual-labor-free is the watering can. Lots of crops need water, and if you take that trip to ruins or w/e, it feels bad coming back to see dry crops. Perfect
  19. I think they could just rework the pocket scale into a portable scale. That way it makes sense to use it for both fish and vegetables lol. And yeah a vegetable scale exists, but it's jus the showcase scale. the recommendation is that there should be a portable scale on the go just like for fishing.
  20. Yeah it should be like 100 or even less imo. great idea
  21. Woah. tackle box works for seeds? that's pretty great.
  22. Yeahh. i was thinking something that looks like the mushplanter. little lush box.
  23. I may edit more idea here as I think of more, but here's what I've gotten so far. 1- Carrot needs a new crockpot recipe or some crafting recipe. Reason is because Bunnymen are apparently getting nerfed hard, and so carrots don't feel worth farming unless you HAVE to to get the right nutrients for your field. Bunnymen had 200% carrot drop rate changed to something like 20-40% IDK, but it's low as heck. The only other plants that do not have their own crockpot recipe I think is Durian and Pomegranate, which makes sense because they generally give good stats when cooked, and pomegranate is just good cuz it's 1 fruit value is kinda rare for recipes like Fruit Medley/Glowberry Mousse whereas 1 vegetable value from the carrot is super super common. 2- There needs to be a SEED CONTAINER. Please add this. Much like the tackle box which contains lots of tackles, please make a seed container. A huge problem I've found when farming is that your fridge gets full INSTANTLY. you need like 5 fridges just to contain your seeds, vegetables, and fruits from farming, along with all other food you find outside farming. It's just going to take up way too much space, so a seed container feels very necessary. 3- Ruins Gardening hat vignette is way too intrusive. It should be not only more transparent, but a little smaller as well. I can't imagine playing with the vignette without the camera perspective mod. You really can't see much with it on. 3b - Gardening hat should give 20% rain protection like most other hats. It sounds like nothing... but really it's big. In spring you're going to want to not have this hat on unfortunately... The eyebrella cannot be used if you use the gardening hat, and a regular umbrella is only 90% protection. If the hat gave 20% protection, you could tend your garden and be perfectly protected by rain with just an umbrella. 4- Water cans can extinguish burning items, specifically your crops. This is really cool! You will likely leave your water cans near your crops, so they can be there to douse your crops. However... It only affects one burning item at a time. I think the dousing effect of the water can should be area of effect much like the water balloon/flingomatic/fire hose. Because if one crop is burning, it usually means they will all burn and a single target extinguisher usually is not enough. 4b- Crops should be immune to fire/smoldering if on wet soil. 5- Lord of Fly only drops 1 leafy meat!!!! When you kill it the first time it drops the friendly fruit fly fruit which is great. But if you kill it again... a 3000 HP miniboss who is particularly harder to kite than other mini bosses, it drops ONE leafy meat. This is totally useless for such a pest that it is. The little flies create lots of weeds, and 1 leafy meat reward for getting rid of all this is underwhelming. In terms of what it should drop, I definitely think it should drop 4-8 mosquito sacks. Reason why is because water balloons have a lot more usefulness with this update. Water balloons can moisturize soil, and can be used to douse fires on your field. There's also no way to get mosquito sacks in winter since swamp ponds freeze over, so this change would be awesome. If not mosquito sacks, then like 6 leafy meat, and maybe a few of each type of nutrient, or a new item - nutrient super booster, would suffice for the effort put into this fight. 6- Bring back instant farming. Pre-beta you can use manure on a crop to instantly grow it and get 1 vegetable. You should be able to do this in the new content. Here's how it could work - On beta, if you click on and drag fertilizer to a crop, it does nothing... it has no function anymore. Give it a function. If you click and drag fertilizer to a crop - instead of the soil - it will boost the seed's growth cycle! But crops that take manure from the soil for example could only be given manure to boost its growth cycle, and crops that only take formula from the soil can only take formula to boost it's growth cycle etc. etc. This would also be a fantastic addition because sometimes you grow crops near the end of a season, and they are scheduled to bloom at the beginning of the next season... where they are not happy. If you could boost the growth cycle, then you don't have to worry about growing crops too late in a season because you can boost the growth cycle before the next season starts. This idea is probably my biggest concern as someone who would like to play Warly in public servers and do other things rather than tend a farm for an in-game week just to get pepper/garlic spice or make his other great dishes. New mechanics feel like a big nerf to public servers in general, and people who rush things in general. It's a play style I enjoy very much. 7- I remember @ScottHansen talking about a new way to force rain ever since the Mosling bug was fixed. Now I think would be a good time to add that item since it can help grow crops! Maybe it can be a drop from the Lord of the Flies.