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  1. I was thinking this too. It looks flat even though there's supposed to be clear dimensions
  2. Straw hat and parasol can be enough to stay dry in spring, both super easy to craft without science. Straw hat (20%), parasol (50%), and standing under a tree (35%) gives 105% protection, then just burn a twig or log, or stand near any fire to see your wetness go down quickly.
  3. My friends who are new use ponds in cave or prep a few water cans before winter. They don't need to be very experienced at all to see how weak ice is compared to ponds. I like how the water can works now. They're cheap and actually last a long time if you don't over water.
  4. refreshes are cool, but i like base content updates a lot more. RoT is wrapping up, and year of the beefalo is coming very soon. I'm looking more forward to these.
  5. yeeaah it's distortion. thanks! tree's look funky...
  6. Why do I sometimes have blurry vision vignette in game. Like seeing 2 trees/berry bushes on the side when there's just 1. I'm trying to help someone fix the issue, and I don't remember why it happens.
  7. I keep crashing putting rot on soil when it has no nutrients. Turned off all client mods too. Any have same issue?
  8. It would be cool if she could talk to the crops and water them from the new beta content.
  9. And if you hammer it at 10% durability you can get all of the crafting materials back to craft it back at 100% durability. Earlier recipe of a few fragments seemed better.
  10. The slurtle mound is so big that you can't get close enough to extinguish it, even tho the option to extinguish is there.
  11. You may have used a local command instead of remote command. To change remote/local command you just bring up the console with ` and hit ctrl... or maybe it's alt. I forget.
  12. it'd be funny if it's just like, "u must download the DLC wortox to enjoy content past this point"
  13. Nah. World was a public server which is gone now. It's just weird you can have the entire archives be inaccessible. In all my time playing, I've never seen the ruins, or any other biome totally innaccessible. And the archive biome is relatively new, so I could definitely see this being fixed.
  14. I wanted to get moonstone from archives, but I was not allowed in. There was a gigantic pillar that blocked the entire entrance. Couldn't even squeeze through. Please fix.
  15. Klei's been very good listening to community feedback
  16. this update is shaping up sow well. last ditch effort suggestion for less spoilage in seed pack, and some kind of sprinkler system owo can't wait to see how fertilizers are handled
  17. try to replace a vegetable on a scale, but it doesn't weigh enough. Wicker will say afriad instead of afraid.
  18. Yeah. I think most people will just be doing 2-3 crop combos. I think 4-5 combos are just for giggles and testing what's possible. the 2-3 crop combos don't look crazy, and even lahknish's 4-crop combo is easy to remember. 5-crop combos I think will inherently look like a mess lol.
  19. u have to go to mensa to farm dst crops now. lol jk. if u look closely at the 4 crops, theyre are all in the same x-shape pattern. still ugly and not memorable lol. Dang nice critiques. I assumed all 4-crop combos could be done in the same pattern. But after testing I think it still works? So I'm not sure what you mean. I tried the same pattern but for Summer 4-crop combo, and got all giant as result without doing any fertilizing. I could try the autumn 4-crop combo, but I assume that one works too. But wow, after looking at your 4-crop combo, that looks a lot less complicated lol. yesss. well then dang that's pretty good... fills the entire farm plot
  20. Winter's feast makes bosses drop ornaments. It's normal that every boss had an ornament. Where's crab king's? Edit: and now that I think about it, the Ancient Guarian is the only other boss to not drop an ornament, not counting the shadow chess pieces.
  21. Here's what I gathered in the past hour of testing with 4/5 crop combos. 4-crop combo - The layout - (White space is no plant) 5-crop combo - The layout - (Gray space is no plant) So unfortunately the 4-crop combo is hard to remember and doesn't exactly look pretty. However, every single crop is giant, so it's very efficient. In the 5-crop combo, there's quite a few empty spaces because it is the only way I see to balance the nutrients in each plot. The red colored square in the layout will never be giant - it is only there to fulfil the nutrient combo so that you don't need to fertilize. However every other plant will be giant. Simply choose which plant you desire the least in the 5-crop combo, and use it as the red colored square in the layout. You could throw some 1:1 crop combos in the gray space of the 5-crop combo, and the soil nutrients would remain automatic, but just know the extra crops added to the gray space can't be giant. (do note I used the tilling mod to till 3x3s)
  22. The game crashes using weather pane on a friendly fruit fly. Turned every mod off.
  23. I've produced something like this before. I used weeds to drain all the nutrients from soil, then i dug up the soil turf with a pitchfork, then I used the rigamajig on the same tile to recreate the turf. It appears at 100% nutrients but is effectively 0%