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  1. i vote domestication and clothing. domestication is super tedious for little reward, and your beefalo does not stay domesticated forever. I don't use half the clothing in the game because body clothing takes over backpack slot.
  2. wouldn't be op at all... guardian horn pretty useless by itself. In most public games you can eat the horn and no one will ever notice
  3. The shadows spawned by the bone helm can be despawned by spam equipping and unequipping the bone helm. Don't ask me why it just does.
  4. I just want her to have a way to recall bernie, like abigail. And infinite lighter. I think she should actually stay warm while insane. Seems clear her fire powers are pronounced when she's insane, based on her single player ability and the DST Willow trailer.
  5. grim galette is the other stale food that restores sanity potentially. and most recipes if you're wx. If you're on a dedicated server, and others are playing on it, you can paddle a boat, leave the game, and come back, and you will be at the portal. The boat continues moving while you are gone, and you cannot respawn in the middle of the ocean so the game sends you to the portal. it's a good method of easily getting back to the mainland if you have no completely decked out boat w/sails, or just want a quick teleport to portal. easy way to deal with the duo bishops by the ancient pseudo science machine is to feed a rocklobster 3 rocks (~9 minutes follow time), and bring it to the bishops. bishops will attack the rock lobster until the end of time, and u can just ignore the bishops and craft freely at the ancient pseudo science station. make sure you punch the lobster because it cases you to lose friendship, so it doesn't teleport away from the bishops when you leave. I do this on scienceless ruins rushes. (don't worry about the rock lobster's slow walking speed, it teleports to you if you move far away.)
  6. There was a bug fix that causes nightmare creatures to appear much more commonly now since the bug fix. but no compensation of lower spawn rate? It was very common that the bug would occur, and thus normal for everyday gameplay to have a lot fewer shadows than what we have now.
  7. hrm big hit to seeds, probably a bit too much. If it's because of rot in long worlds... easy solution is to make rot disappear after it's been untouched for x days right...?
  8. speed runs in vanilla dst are very boring and entirely rng. it can take you 30 seconds to find the biome you're looking for or it could take you a couple days. i've done personal speed runs with mods to remove a lot of the explorative rng, it's a lot more fun for me, and it makes runs far more consistent. that or using a world seed would make speed runs far less dreadful
  9. i would like some QoL warly buffs but i dont think that buff would help much. Usually 1 volt goat jelly, spicy/garlic food is enough for a boss fight... (except toadstool which always takes forever). Then whatever time is left doesn't really matter. For me, I think it's weird that warly, the food character, doesn't have a favorite food like every single other character. It says a great chef doesnt discriminate his favorite or something like that, but then why doesn't he just get a boost to all crockpot foods like his single player version? In single player he gets a huge boost for all crockpot foods, and he can even eat raw foods - single player warly has it so much easier to sustain himself. DST Warly has to cook a ton if he's expected to cook for himself and for his team.
  10. sry if this doesn't belong here but I noticed the caves are missing in the server. glitch??? It normally has caves. I don't know why it does not. may be a mistake with the host.
  11. It was always weird to me that when you hit "more" on a setting, it would just put that said thing all over the world... If you clicked "more" mactusks, you actually get a ton of mactusks spread randomly in your world, but people usually think... "hm, there's only 1 mactusk in my last world, it would have been nice to have like 3-5. Lets change it to 'more'.". World generation settings should change the amount of something in their own respective biome. Say you wanted 'more' bees, then the world should produce more bee hives, but only where they are found naturally in the green grass biomes. If you wanted more rocks, they should show up more often in the rocky biomes. If you wanted more mactusks, they should show up in the 2 mactusk biomes. If you wanted more tumbleweeds, they should show up more often in the dragonfly biome. etc etc etc.
  12. well it's definitely niche. a few people will use it. a lot won't use it. I don't think that's a good spot for it to sit in. before seed pack-it was released, I suggested that there be a container for seeds better than chests and iceboxes. I thought seed pack-it would have been that answer, but it's not. It doesn't lower spoilage like ice box, and it is more expensive/harder to get than chests because the shell pieces. And lastly the tackle box really isn't much different than the seed pack-it even though the pack-it is specifically made for seeds, and the tackle box was only intended to hold tackles.
  13. Why isn't there a craftable curfew bell in game :[ other vignettes:
  14. action queue also allows you to plant them on top of eachother.
  15. my friend missed the crystalline alchemy engine cuz the last update was unexpectedly on a tuesday (usually a thursday) which honestly sucks. good there will be an encore.
  16. they fix skin bugs all the time, but it's all about what their priorities are.
  17. wendy does not do 'almost twice the damage' as wigfrid. assuming wendy is using the petal debuff, she does 78 (not 120) with dark sword. wigfrid does 85 with dark sword all the time. while abigail can do 40 damage in best conditions, it's much slower than regular attacks from playable characters.
  18. Customizing skin combinations in this game is great, but the biggest annoyance is that the skin colors of each character is not corrected for the clothing item you want to use... There's loads of hand skins that are white, but you're playing Walter and the otherwise cool looking skin just looks really weird. Same annoyance goes for customizing other characters that are not colored white like wurt, wx78, warly, wortox, wormwood... etc. I was very impressed with the shoe skin "Free Roaming Feet" because it corrects the skin color for every character. But as of now, it seems to be the ONLY skin to do this. As you can see the "Free Roaming Feet" are color corrected, but "Battlemaster's Legguards" are white by the thighs, "Homebody Handrings" are white everywhere, and "Pyrestarter's Dress" are white on the abdomen. And these are only a few examples.
  19. because the beta was just for testing new content to be released. today that content was released, so there's nothing to test on the beta. it's all on the main branch. you can play that now
  20. I noticed willow scared birds away, wigfrid planted a scarecrow. Does this actually have any functionality in the new farms? I'm pretty sure it didn't on the beta.
  21. straight lines of 4 are used in some of the most complicated designs i could show as well. simple or not, I don't see how it matters either way. removing 4 crop line would honestly make me have to think less about combos because there would just be less combos to work with. if the end crop were only close enough to 1 for family bonus then that would kind of destroy all crop combinations and make the whole of farming really stale. every family bonus would have to be a rectangle shape. it just severely limits the options u have available.
  22. If a line of 4 family crops is unintended (we are talking about placing 4 carrots say, in a straight line to get family bonus?), i would like it to be intended lol. it creates a lot of unique crop combination options that otherwise would not exist. removing the 4 family line would just make a lot less possibilities. when the crop nutrients were temporarily changed, a big issue i felt was there was a lot less combinations. removing several combos makes farming a bit more dull, so I love where it's at now. It's also not really possible to know what's intended and what isn't. klei hasn't released a guide, demonstration, video presentation or anything about how these mechanics should work. they did however say 4x4s in one tile shouldn't work. I do wonder why tho, even if it's not intended, a better question is - was it too good? and it really wasn't cuz it ate up nutrients and water really fast. they could make 4x4s possible nonmodded if they wanted to. lastly, why doesn't klei just make snapping tills a part of the game - like how walls are snapped onto a grid. it's way less frustrating when you're not digging up your own holes on accident, and trying to make the perfect shape. I saw someone dropping twigs to use as a tilling blocker just to till a perfect shape. It would put everyone on the same playfield, people who use mods/no mods, controller/keyboard and mouse...
  23. weird to jump on casual player with a tepid criticism. new farming is okay. you're right that you can just use traditional food gathering methods like spider/ice/berry/egg/carrot and get better results without waste. new farm has some positives like no wilt, smoldering protections, grows in winter. cons are you cant skip stages of growth with fertilizer anymore so u have to plan a few days ahead, there's much more variables to micromanage for best harvest, and birds won't give 2 seeds anymore with new farms.
  24. just like how cook book was released and the plant registry, why don't we have a book for fish details. what bait they like, what biome they appear in, what season... etc. basically copy paste this info and put it into the game lol. sea fishing is so confusing for ordinary players unless you do a wiki dive.