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  1. Not only it helps you dispose those annoying 1% helmets, it also will help the server reduce lag, for having less trash items to be loaded. For now the only way you can dispose trash is either glitch yourself out of cave map and drop items to the void (but if your base is on surface it will be a pain in the @ss to do so), or feed the trash to lureplant (lureplant won't grow in winter). If you join klei servers with 70+ days, you most likely will find an area full of items like 3% pick axes, spiderhats, top hats, tentacle spikes, ... that noone will ever use again
  2. everything is connected. i was able to get the previous twitch drops perfectly fine, and then this happened
  3. i checked everything, multiple times.reconnect the link between accounts, watch twitch for 3hours. none of them worked. i need help client_log.txt