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  1. Not exactly in game but yesterday I finally completed another huge part of my spool goal. Essentially, I'm trying to complete as many catagories in the item collection and I have currently have all weavable items in all catagories (and all of the emotes with thier collections bonuses) except for item and character skins. It has been a neat jorney and I'm glad I'm on the penultimate leg of it. I also broke my elgentless streak yeaterday, but that is a little less impressive.
  2. and then people would ask for more, like coffee and swordfish, and more like Quacken and Jellyfish, and more until the entire dlc has been patched through as it will always be "Just one more/a few things". Once people get a taste of it, they would want more and more until they get every little bit to consume. Things like coffee and shipwreck style boats have been demanded for a long while now, and they haven't spliced it up the demanded parts and add it into the game because it would not satiate the players, only change their focus. Because they are Just because you have limited available buying options, doesn't equate to being able to ignore that you still can buy DS alone with no DLC on steam and PSN with the console edition. The best way to equate this is to say that today, I it is rare that I can find a VHS tape of Halloween and only have it widely available on DVD, but we still have to acknowledge that it is still technically possible to buy Halloween DVDless even if the options to get it are scarce at most. And finally, if we take a look at a old DS youtuber, Volx, we can see that the first video they uploaded was when RoG wasen't even in beta, thus showing that it was released without RoG at first. Please stop using this argument, because it was DLC but it was bundled for the Xbox store. Not sure why they did it but the point still stands that it was a bundle with the dlc, not the original release. RoG was made with the intention of being a expansion of the classic experience as dlc, with the others being made as their own separate experiences that don't rely on the others to stand out. Shipwreck, Hamlet, And RoG all have wildly separate play styles, base styles, and progression styles that allow you to have completely different experiences, which is why using the sea/skyworthy (figuratively) breaks the game in half as all those resources can now be exploited in way they were never intended to be used in like street lamps in the caves or filling a entire hamlet river with fish traps. All of the games are uniquely different and have thier own complex, unique styles, however these styles don't mix well when attempting to both balance and keep a consistent theme throughout the game as they never were intended to be mixed. The bottom line is the reason why Shipwreck and Hamlet can't be in DST is because of keeping a consistent theme and not have it be completely jarring to go through a poisons jungle to a tropical beach to a temperate forest. It just doesn't mix well and brute forcing it will never lead to favorable results. That's easy, they are separate so the phone doesn't get broken in half. As we all know, besides the Tiger Gamewatch, Mobile phones aren't that capable of handling games of this complexity. For comparison, people on PS4 and Xbox One still have these large lag spikes when having to much stuff to close and this one a machine that was specifically made to handle these types of games, while a phone was not meant to handle this type of strain and my phone even struggles sometimes scrolling through reddit, let alone this game full of complex systems constantly running and accounting to run. Having the two dlcs combined into one would make it so that the game could be to difficult that it couldn't run anymore. Yes they are separate games, but that's because they needed to to make it so that the game wouldn't collapse in on itself until you have played for like hundreds of days. It's another case of a game being forced to make sacrifices to be on different platforms, this is just one of those results. Because it has been bundled with the purchase. Hell, if we even compare steam and xbox, to buy DS alone costs ~10$ and RoG cost ~5$, which adds up to ~15$, which is the exact amount the giant edition costs. It wasn't free, they just combined the costs as a bundle. This content is also highly questionable if it works and is going very slowly through development. The reason why it's free is because it is so severly modding the game that it doesn't even resemble the same game anymore, also because the developers weren't going to do it in the first place, so why trample on someone else's fun. This content you are referring to exists in DST as a mod, which means that they are not upheld to the same standards as a actual company, there is no way to assure that the content will ever be finished or even if it will be good. Finally, this content you speak of is not a inherit one to one. Again, Shipwreck was made to be a stand alone experience and thus could take whatever liberties it wanted as long as it adhered to the tropical theme, while the mod has to deal with all of the RoG and DST content and work around it, making new compromises that were never in the original dlc. The mod isn't just "Shipwreck and RoG together" it's "Rog with Shipwreck working around it". It will always be a inherently different experience to classic Shipwreck besides that. While you seem to hate mods with the bane of a thousand owls, please remember how mods almost never replace actual content released by Klei and that adding things is never just simply adding it in, it's more of a careful rebuilding of the content in DLC instead of a straight implementation. No, it means that it can work with the original , not that by simply adding it, it suddenly becomes linked. The only examples of this (besides glitches) are the Parrot in RoG and the things that allow you to travel to the different/link dlc's. Yes, you are right, but again in the smallest way possible as the objects to link them are the only things added to the original. The only exception is the actual base game, but that is still the exception since it was never intended to incoperate all the mechanics from RoG, unlike Shipwreck and Hamlet during their development. But that still isn't even the same mob as in Shipwreck. The way you catch them is different, the way they spawn is different, even their recipes are different. Their inclusion was made so that they could have a crab type consumable in the game, and instead of going through all the work to make a entire new mob with their own animation and pictures, they just copied the Wobster so that they could cut a corner, that's it. They aren't intending in adding this type of content, and if they added a entirely different type of crab, the result would be the same without giving people the slim hope that they might get more. The crawfish are not a sign of them warming up to the idea of compatibility, it's a sign of making corners so that they can have a consistent update time. And the price is (non discounted) the price of having Base + RoG + SW, it's a bundle. Yes, it would. It would kill the sales since this inheritly better version with more content would have no drawbacks to the original and would simply be the better overall product. If we use a different game to explain, lets look at persona 5. The reason why buying persona 5 classic with all the dlc is no longer a good financial idea since Royal gives all the dlc for free and has innately better content, so there is almost no reason to buy classic with all the dlc because you get more content for a cheaper price, thus invalidating the need to buy persona 5 classic as you could get so much more the enhanced version, and there in lies the comparison. The reason why it is isn't as worth it to buy persona 5 classic is that you get inherently more content if you would have just bought royal instead, thus giving almost no reason to buy the classic (except for price, but that is not the main point of this section, it about getting the most bang for your buck and the redundancy of buying the same content twice). The same thing would happen to DST since, by giving a few extra bucks, you can get more then enough content to justify never picking up DS since you would already have all the content they have with the addition to all the exclusive content. In Short, yes it would because the added dlc content, even if they added nothing else new beyond this point, would tank DS sales since their would be literally no reason to ever go back. When I got buy a new axe to chop wood with, it's made with the intention that I'm never going to use the old one again, not if it doesn't have unique features like a rubber grip or a second axe blade. DST with dlc kills DS with dlc because it would be redundant to buy the same game twice, exception with less content and a near unnoticeable price difference.
  3. Ah yes, adding popular fish recipes and the equivalent to a crab into DST is obvious that they are attempting the merge the two. There isn't really all that much from Shipwreck into DST. With the exceptions of Wobsters and fish dishes, there is practically no content from Shipwreck in DST. There is still none of the constantly asked content in DST like Coffee, Swordfish (and proceeding Cutlass), Quacken, Characters, Coffee, Ice Makers, Lottery Slots, and Coffee are still not in the game despite people demanding and making mods to add them. Yes you are right, but in the smallest way possible. Adding Surf n Turf and Seafood Gumbo was not intrusive to the game as it doesn't conflict with the normality of the game as they actually fit, however things like palm trees and volcano don't fit because they are not a natural apart of the "Lonely Forest" environment. Yes, with the sea being added, there could be a verity of new original islands, but the bottom line still stands that tropical things don't belong in a non-tropical environment and thus a large majority of the content in Shipwreck wouldn't fit in DST. That's a glitch because the game runs on spaghetti code. It's still fun to play, but it still runs on spaghetti code. There is so many glitches (like using the telportato in RoG a or Hamlet still resetting the volcano in Shipwreck) that have yet to be patched out and unused content that is in the game that it is a little baffling. Yup, RoG is the exact same as DST, not Shipwreck. I might be wrong but I read somewhere that Shipwreck was meant to be a entirely separate game from RoG, and thus weren't suppose to be mixed at all. Nobody was saying that they didn't, but we are saying that it doesn't fit the natural world of DST. It's like putting a lobster in the middle of the desert, it could be there and might survive being there, but there would be no reason for it to be there then to appease or "just because". All of it, but they still wouldn't since fit and would devalue single player.
  4. To add onto this, the muddy biome will be bursting full of light bulbs and will typically be connected to a blue mushroom biome
  5. No he isn't, he really isn't. Lets review his perks: -Can make Living Logs, which is useful but OP as the same result can be made with a axe and a little bit of luck. Again, while circumventing the RNG is very useful and makes items like Dark Swords even more broken due to their newfound availability, it is not powerful enough to be in the same actual OP perks like the books and ungodly powerful attacks. -Can make a verity of Gear with Living Logs: Depends on how you use them, but not of them is not something that has a equal or better equivalent. The only one that doesn't is the Bramble Husk due to it's special effects, which are all very useful and have a verity of uses depending on creativity, but useful doesn't mean OP. A Piggyback is very useful for leaving places with a bunch of materials that you need/want, but that doesn't mean it is OP. -Planting Seeds straight into the ground: While you do cut through the middle man of obtaining farm plots to plot in, you still have to deal with all the other problems of growing plants. You still have to Flingo them for summer, are stagnate in Winter, you have to wait ~6 days for them to grow, if you want a specific crop then hope you like gambling because that is still there, and they need to be collected before a certain number of days less they rot while on the "vine". Yes, you remove the biggest hurdle in the crop growing process, but there is still a lot of other hurdles to go through. The biggest issues that the vegetables are still inconstant in quality and often don't have many big crockpot uses. There are things like the vegetable stinger and fancy spiraled tubers, but those are more outliers then proofs. Sure, you can get a huge boost in quality with a Warly around to make his special dishes, but since you are judging the plant boi on the quality of himself alone, so will I. Yes, it can be good if you just have seeds growing passively, but it still would never work as a main food source. It may be powerful once you get a certin amount (or get absurdly lucky) but it can never be considered OP since it can rarely ever hit the absurdity of actually OP stuff in this game. -Gains sanity from planting stuff: When kept for refilling his sanity after a long session of tree evisceration, it can be useful, but often times it just sort of explodes in usefulness and then disappears until the next big planting session. Useful when used well, but not OP. -Can heal himself with fecal matter: Useful when you just encounter it naturally or in emergency, but more common healing items are much more useful then making you smell like a Taco Bell Bathroom. -Blooms in spring: Useful but unless you plan ahead, it's usefulness can very. This is the only Perk I can be considered broken since a proper set up can be used to replace or further amplify a magiluminessence, the problem being that this perk is fleeting that it's more of a "spark of a moment" advantage instead of a actual perk that is worth playing for him strictly alone -Eyeplants and Barnacle Flowers are uncaring to him: Useful if you bunch them all together, but still not game changing nor OP -Can't be hurt by food: It's fine. It allows him to eat monster foods with severely less penalty, but it still doesn't have much uses as not many foods drain health From the total list of his perks, we can see that he is very powerful if used correctly, but is he OP? No. He has good perks that can make a serious impact on a play style, no of them come close to breaking the crest of power that is needed to be considered OP. While you are free to have you opinion, I feel it is not a very well informed opinion. Since you have stated numerous times that you flippantly create new worlds just to have certin aspects changed, the way you disregard bosses as something that you can just throw bears at until they are dead, and the way you ask for changes that would have little effect on the game overall, you seem to have not truley experienced or learned about the mechanics and things the game has to offer. For example, you frequently claim that you wish that Warrior Pigs and Obelisks were in the game when they actually are but you refuse to continue with a world long enough to find them (Warrior pigs are a bit of random chance but still they are in the game nonetheless). You are allowed to have your opinion but pleases make it a informed opinion. I can make a opinion of the 1500's era but it would not be a informed opinion since I have not done any research on it and thus have nothing to compare it too. The reason why people often talk about bosses in this way is that they have something objective to compare it too instead of something like survival which vary differently due to things like luck and skill, that is why it is important to at least understand how powerful the bosses are since they give a stand point on how powerful a character is since they are comparing their power to the other most powerful beings in the game. Sure, a character's OPerity is also determined by other things, but bosses are often the most important since they give actual OP items though effort and have a somewhat objective way of measuring how a character is when their perks are confronted with these figures of power. While you can have you opinion , atleast make it a informed opinion by comparing it things that are actually powerful. While I will agree that Wes is a dead weight (since that is what he is suppose to be), Warly isn't. He has a much higher learning curves and takes sometime to truly get up their in strength but his personal dishes and spices really do make him special and useful even if you are by yourself. Glowberry Puree makes it so that you can have armor, light, and a weapon all at the same time with no down side. Fresh Fruit Crepes are the best food choice if get butter, He has several high stat restoring dishes, and his spices just make him into a buffer from a RPG, which can obviously get absurd when stacked with other buffs. In short, he has a lot usefulness with his cooking, it is just that you have to actually work hard on a single base with multiple farms to reach it's fruition. Is he in need of a personal perk? Yes, but that doesn't mean that he is a dead weight or not viable when alone, if just takes more elbow grease then the average character and actual long term commitment. On Topic, yes I feel that Klei will add or change small thing about characters in the future but it might be a little while till they reach that point.
  6. Change the goose seed requirement to 2 to fit with the rest. Give Warly longer buff times with special recipies and spices (50% longer seems to decent enough to make him useful with character swaping available) Put Geometric Placment in the game as a option like music volume Nerf Wes Buff Glass Cutters damage when fighting Shadow creatures to better pronounce the weakness Give a way for Webber to call out spiders without sacerficing Hutch/Chester Make it so that other item skins spawn in with specific corralating character skins when they spawn in (for example, different Wendy skins will give you the corralating flower if you own it). Fix Wurts hats Give Winona the ability to see the range of effect a object has when examining it (example: How far a lightnig rod goes, The lit area of a roaring fire pit, range of a ice flingo) Make Trusty tape resore 20% to a tool or armor once Allow Willow to make a componet to refuel lighters Allow Shadow Puppet crafting to allow the gold versions of tools for crafting Allow both berry bush types to be able to make the bush hat Make items in the Magic tab which would change the worlds event for 20 days if you want specific items or mechanics. Add marble pillars and the harp staue as makeables Make the cartography table into a writing table where you can make things like a note pad for personalized reminders and remake sketchs of ones you have used Have the ability to give pets names There have your suggestions.
  7. Maybe they are experimenting with the art style, maybe they did a divide and conquer style with making the skins having a different art style show, maybe its because it uses pink, a non typical color for this game. There is plenty of reasons why Axolotol Wurt looks off.
  8. My main problem with Wurt is how long it takes for her to be useful. A majority of her perks, while making her a better character, are reliant on the swamp and thus provide no interaction with the rest of the game and often have other alternatives that all characters can take advantage of. For example, her ability to run faster on marsh turf makes sense in context that she has lived in the swamp her whole life, but it is useless if you are playing with other people and/or want to swap to another character, and is often usually replaced with road turf because then at least everyone can have a equal chance to use it. However, what really rustles my jimmy's is that she entirely reliant on her merm companions for her power. When looking at the two other "faction" characters, Webber and Wilba, we can see how they have more perks then just being able to interact with their respective species care free. Webber has a lot of utility in the ruins and atrium due to their ability to freely eat monster meat, the main meat source in the ruins via Depthworms, and the ability to just run through the labyrinths without being slowed or threatened. Their is also the point that the items that Webber gathers can be used for some easy and frequent solutions to things like clothing durability and spoiling health. Wilba has her Werepig form which, besides making Woodie almost entirely out shined, has a ton of utility of providing of exploring and fighting (and to a less extent harvesting) which makes her pigs secondary but adds a "unique" method of play besides her linage. Now if we go back to Wurt, we can see just how little utility see has outside of her tribe. Her vegetarian hunger boost may make so dishes a bit better but beyond that, there isn't much. Her lineage doesn't provide any benefit out of the swamp, and while her merms due haves lot utility in terms of how much they can help with tasks, that can be said about any follower. Yes, in a straight battle, merms due win out in the most versatility, but that is also devalued by the fact that by simply adding more numbers, you can achieve the same result that another can do. If she were ever reworked, I would like for her to actually stray away a bit from her ancestory so that she isn't, metaphorically, attached to the hip of them and actually isn't just another Wilson Clone when not surrounded by merms. I would also like to add that companion reliant characters aren't really that good in the first place. Webber scrapes by with his extra utility in other places and items he can farm, but his actual main perks of befriending spiders is very bad and doesn't really help at all in fighting, where most companion based characters are focused on, getting your companions to do the work for you. Wurt's power to me is like a bolder. Getting that bolder up the hill is the most difficult part, but after you get that bolder over is then were the power becomes overly powerful because the numbers just get too much for most opponents to properly handle and then becomes "no aoe=dead, aoe=can barely put a dent into". I do agree that Wurt needs a rework, but it is really hard to balance something that is powerful enough to last more then 5 seconds on it own but doesn't just decimate anything one the posse is built up. I mean yeah, hating pigs nothing new. But the vegetarian actually does make the player reconsider what food choices they make. No longer can you just consume Pierogies and Surf n' Turf for healing but instead focus of unconventional ones like Butter Muffins and Blue Caps. It is nothing revolutionary, but it does make people take a serious consideration into if they want to play the character or not since it could affect a entire play style. I mean yeah, any characters downside can be trivalized if you take the proper steps to counter act it. Willows is to wear winter clothing, Maxwell/Walters is to "git gud" at kiting, Wormwood just needs a honey/spider farm and he is rarin to go, Wolfgang can be fed to the point where the overall sanity loss is less then a normal characters, Woodies can be negated by basing in the caves, etc etc. The point of downsides is to have a serious deviation in playstyle that requires the players attention to properly counteract, that is what downsides have been and will continue to be. Even if they are getting less severe, they still do require the players to take careful consideration how they take actions instead of just having the same character copy and pasted over and over. Just because it doesn't challenge You doesn't mean it can't be challenging to others. I mean except other Wurts, which might be a worse Willow since all your defences for your base will be entirely negated by your character choice. Funny how what you deem your protector could to be your hubris.
  9. Okay just to start off, you show that you don't know what the "meta" means in our context. One of the top definitions in the Urban Dictionary goes as follows "Abbreviation of Most Effective Tactic Available. Mostly used when comparing tactics in a game, but can be used in other things as well. It can change over time as new tactics are explored or can change by a change in the rules of a game or availability of new resources" (ChelseaStaub). This definition explains it perfectly, it's means that the meta is just what works the best tactic in both efficiency and availability. For example, recipes like Fishsticks and the new Beefy Greens both heal the same amount as a Pierogi, but the Pierogi is the meta food because of how available and accessible the resources are compared to the other options. There is also the point that a meta is in all games of all types. In your beloved Mario, as early as game 3, the meta has always been to prioritize the mobility power ups since it decreased the platforming challenge of the game. In the Binding of Isaac, the meta is to almost always go for Devil Deals since they have the highest chance of giving the best items. It is so metaed that one of the characters, The Keeper, is regarded as the hardest character in the game, with one of the big supporters being that, due to how his health works, he can almost never take Devil Deals. Conversely, the other challenge character, The Lost, has his challenge significantly reduced due to his ability to take Devil Deals without penalty. In Shin Megami Tensai III: Nocturne, the meta is heavily physical attack oriented with skills Charge (a 250% damage boost to a physical attack) and Pierce (ignores all physical attack resistances except reflect). These two skills make is so that literally any other method is seen as putting salt into the wound of this already difficult game. With these 3 examples, we can see that all games have a form of meta, even if it is worded differently. The thing is that, the meta never has to be followed. You can use alternative healing sources in DST if you want too, you can go with Fire flowers in Mario to attack the enemies, You can go for Angel Deals in Isaac, and you can go for a magic play through in SMT. Yes, it is weird that a game is as open as DST has a meta, but that is because ALL games have metas, it isn't something that is exclusive to DST and MMO's alone. No, that is not what a "meta" is. That is called a "story" for games that have them. If a game has a story that it wants to tell and the gameplay stops when the story ends, then that is fine, but it still isn't what a meta is. Even these types of games, there are metas. And what if doing the Meta is fun for other people? Are you going to deny the people the right for a chance to fully conquer the world with as little difficulty as possible. Yes, YOU don't follow the meta and don't find it fun, but that doesn't mean that people who DO follow the meta aren't allowed to have their version of fun. Again, the meta isn't something that somebody holds you at gun point to follow, it is something you have to choose to follow. You can do what ever you want to do, as I can't stop you, but you can't deny that the meta isn't there for a reason. So you are angry that Klei is giving something to actively challenge you, yet you say that you want something to actively challenge you. The reason why we don't take you very seriously is that you actively contradict yourself. You say you want one thing, but then you say you want the exact opposite, and want both at the exact same tine with perfect mixing without any difficulties or convolutions. This is just y opinion, but my opinion is to get your opinion and stick with it. It is fine if you want to game to be much more accessible to new players, and it is fine if you want the game to be more difficult to veterans, but stop trying to have both cakes and eat both of them at the same time. I'm going to address this part first. No Klei should absolutely not do this because it ruins the skill curve of the game. To take another game into consideration, Team Fortress 2, we can see why there is a problem with random progression. In TF2, there is a thing called random crits which, as the name implies, will randomly give massive increase to damage. The problem with this is that it inherently removes skill from the game since, at any time, you could hit or be hit by something you can never account for and thus kill/be killed sort of unfairly, and we can see why a similar problem could arise in DST. With complete randomness, then almost any part of progression would be entirely luck based since it would be your luck that makes it if you have a chance of getting certain resources. Even in your repeated quote of "a world where almost everything wants to kill you", doesn't meant that the game should be randomness simulator. by having these concrete biome spawning and having certain things always spawn makes it so that a player can grow as they play the game. Taking hound attacks as a example, if they just spawned whenever, it would increase the difficulty, but it would also make game luck based since a truly random ambush system would make so that you can go days and days without hounds and also the possibility to have hounds day after day after day, and if you say "of course it wouldn't be like that since that is ridiculous, there would be limits" then it would just be the same system as before but with different numbers. The game would be damaged heavily by "true randomness" because there is so much that can go wrong with it, so please stop with this repeated rhetoric of randomness for challenge. Finally, lets discuss this. So to start out, you can't break a meta, only change it. Even if it becomes entirely unrecognizable from the previous one, it will still exist. If we do something like heavily nerf Hambats and Dark Swords, something relatively common in rebalence threads, the result would be that Glass Cutters and Thulucite Clubs finally get their time in the limelight but the problem still remains that, in compared to those two, all the other weapons are inferior to it. That is the problem with the meta, if you try to remove something from it, it will just be replaced by something else. What is the better solution is too make things that can be used in conjunction with the meta. If we go back to our previous example, a Dark Sword maybe the meta, but the Thulucite Club can be used instead or may even be better in certain fights. So no, don't just entirely break the meta, since that will accomplish nothing and instead just make those items worthless. What we should do it so have items that have simular "meta" values to the meta ones, like a really strong weapon exists only after beating a boss. To go back on topic, What I want more islands, which is what is the common opinion in this thread, but I want it because I feel that the ocean has a decent amount of already, and I feel that populating the ocean with full islands would do more to remove the empty space instead of just adding more and more until the ocean is at max capacity.
  10. Like ShadowDuelist said, Walter has the same hunger drain, just a smaller hunger and so a single day without food should not kill him. What can kill him however is Darkness. A full ingame day is 8 minutes, which means that you will go through every cycle in the day including night, and be vulnerable to good old Charlie. Since almost all light sources don't last 8 minutes, I know that you were most likely exposed during that time meaning clean for the pickings. The only light source that can last more then 8 minutes is the Glowcap/Mushroom Light which is locked behind Toadstool, and since your advent hate of the boss fights of the game, I'm going to assume that you didn't kill him before this point. This means that all this time, what you were blaming on starvation was actually just Charlie reaping you. That is the normal case, but there is also the chance that other players killed you (using unconventional methods like burning stuff around you to take fire damage or soaking a player in water balloons for freezing damage), Hounds, Nightmare Creatures, or the like could have also been the culprit. In short, while there is a reason behind you dying for every 8 minute break you take, Hunger is going to not be high on that list of probabilities if you have been taking care of it. If you need to take a break, that is fine, but you need to either have someone babysit you while you do or turn off the server before you get back on. There is also the option of taking shorter breaks, as the time you take seems to be the one killing you. Irony Yes, but there is also the point that Woby maybe a young dog, or a dog that simply doesn't or has no interest in playing fetch. One of my dogs is very nice, very friendly, yet he has no interest in playing fetch. It's not not unusual for a dog to just not want to play like that, and maybe she just doesn't have any interest in playing with sticks. There is also the point that Woby may not be a hunting type dog. If we are to assume that Woby is a form of modern dog then that means that maybe she comes from a past that didn't require her to hunt and so doesn't have these skills by the time she got trapped in the constant. She also could just not have a good nose, which is another possibility. I understand that you want to have this fully fleshed out Woby with all the bells and whistles, but that shouldn't happen because it would make Walter too cluttered for potentially useless perks. The best example is Wurt's books reading, yes, it fleshed out her character, but it was also a pointless addition that could have been left out and no one would be the wiser. Finally, just because she isn't up to your expectations, doesn't mean she is bad in any way. A pet is not about doing all the tricks and having any potential benefit, it about loving a animal so much that you take care of it, with them loving you back, which I think Woby does and does her best to help her new friend, not owner, the best she can.
  11. Well that is your viewpoint, but not everyones. Sure, some people see pubs as a catalyst to rush and do short term challenges, but some people may also see it as a way to play the game they want to play with other random people, and seeing how this ragtag team can do to survive with these complete strangers. Yes, the general conciseness is that pubs are a veterans practice grounds, but some other people want to play with strangers for some quick time to kill. While your opinion is valid, it should not be the end all be all of what a pub is or can amount to be. Well, that is sort of true for the solo part, but the friend part is entirely out of control. Since humanity has yet to make people replication technology, we don't have control other the other people in our lives, and because of that you can't just get a group together whenever you feel like playing. Sure, you can plan ahead but that also depends on everyone following the plan and everyone being interested and being available at the same time, which rarely happens. Even if you have a dedicated group, what do you do if you are alone and want to play the game? You either have the option of braving the unknown alone, or going on a pub server. Yes, the fleeting nature of pubs is something important, but it is still a "proper" way to play the game. The root of my problem with your statement is that you are taking pubs worth at your opinion instead of all the aspects it has to give. Yes, to some it is a lawless wasteland where grievers run amuck and dragonfly is dead before day 1, but there is also the people that see it a way to play the game with strangers, to see what their random cooperation can accomplish. Yes, it shouldn't be the main consideration when deciding content, but the way you disregarded pubs made me write this. Anything beyond this statement, the one in the quote, doesn't belong in this thread. The quoted sentence above is what your opinion on pubs is, and nothing else is relevant to the thread. My opinion on stuff like the accessibility of forge/gorge content, my opinion on your personalized option to be applied to every player, and my opinion on adding optional difficulty on a game about difficulty has no bearing to the current subject because it is not what the thread is about, you just hamfisted your ideas in this thread where they don't belong. Stop this. Stop coming in on threads to argue about ideas that don't belong in the thread in the first place. If you want to argue about these ideas, make your own thread about them, but stop inserting them where they don't belong.
  12. 1) I only have Bluetooth earbuds, since I don't have a good history with wires, and my laptop doesn't really like using Bluetooth . 2) I usually play in the middle of the night, and so said exposed sound can wake other people up/let them know that I sleep as much as a needed to barely function 3) The silence is deafening. I really don't like hearing nothing at all, I just don't like it. It's the same reason why I use music in BOTW, because the silence makes me feel uncomfortable 4) I can control the mood. Sure, working in the ruins may highlights it's dark, mysterious nature of what might have been, but A nice energetic tune can help me mine those statues and hammer those clockworks in a better mood. 5) It helps take some the monotonous edge off. Sure, I might be more immersed with the help of the ingame tunes, but having something else to listen to helps me not get as bored with the day to day tasks
  13. You misinterpreted the entirety of my post. I was talking about if content should be accessable from the start or after a certin amount of time and the benefits and downsides of both designs, not the starting area amount of content. It's about when content should available to someone not just how much sh^t we can cram into the starting area.
  14. Again, Another simple question, but one that is more philosophical and time sensitive then the last one. Mo matter who/what you are, no matter what your karma, interests, or value might be, the march of time consumes all. Through this reason, we must have a understanding of how we budget out time, and what it relates to the topic is that distributing content through out the seasons is a question of how much time a player show need to wait to access the content they want. For one side of the argument we have All Content should be available from the start, so I can pick and choose what content I want to interact with. If one player wants to go to the lunar island and use the glass cutters to destroy the nightmare chess pieces? They can from the start! Does a player want to raid the ruins for end game gear before the first snowflake falls? They can do that! It allows players to have the game they want, to go at their own pace and make it as difficult or easy as they want. The problem with this model is that there is no real sense of progression in the game. Sure, you have the tiers of equipment relative to the others in their type, but that's only goes so far when the equipment strength and availability is all over the place. The best example is that the Ham bat is a item that can be made relatively easy and quickly and is used even in endgame bosses due to it's infinite durability. Compare that to the Marble armor which takes a material that is slowly gathered over time, takes a lot resources (even with the recent buff, it is still a little costly to use for the time invested farming it) to craft, and is rarely used outside of forced tanking/normal tanking to where it bare gets used out side of the initial few bosses. This lack of progression is bad since it means that the players can never be truly forced/pushed to use the higher tier weapons and armor since all can technically be slain with the base equipment. There is also the problem of content running out. Once you dry out the initial, yet expansive well of content, there is nothing else to keep you going to the next year. There is never a incentive to living pass a year or any amount of time after that since all of the content would be tailored to the start. Basically, while it allows for content by anyone at anytime with the appropriate skills, it also gets rid of that slow and steady progression systems in some other games, while allowing them to make it so that a player can do everything within the first year, thus not having any incentive to go past a year with certain play styles. The other side of the argument is Content should be spread out through out the years, to reward player that survive that long with new stuff to do. This method easily allows for a better sense of progression since by the end of the first year the devs can assume that they a) have a reliable and sustainable food source b) they know how to handle hound attacks c) They have the basic research needed to survive a year in battle, using this knowledge, they can make scenarios by making content around that a mechanic they can expect within those parameters/expectations. This also allows for incentives to last more then a year since there will be more stuff to interact with. The problem is that you need to wait to interact with that new content. Imagine having to essentially wait for hours and hours just to reach the new content. What would be infuriating since the reason is that you decided to play that play being put on hold since you only get it after you hit your time goal. Another question is when to stop. A common question but one that we need to seriously consider. Sure if you pack the first two with content, you would get mediocre years proceeding, but all of the content being strung about just makes the player wait longer to reach the content they would rather want to be playing. The whole in short, this method seems to make the game more balanced and content that makes the game more challenging, nut there still the issue with that huge initial time at the beginning where you are most likely to just go through the same stuff they have done before and survive til you get the privilege of doing that content. Thanks for voting and hope you have a good (insert relative time here) and a good enough time debating.
  15. Your entire argument can be surmised with the JonTron clip: Yes, being a kiting god can negate Walters entire downside, but that also requires perfection and even then a bad roll of the dice can screw you over. A example is when I wad playing with him, I got a hound wave that had weirdly timed hounds and so I just resorted to tanking sonce kitong would have taken significantly longer. Yes, it is avoidable, but thats like saying how by the idea of nuclear bunkers existing makes nukes jokes and negated. Please, stop this mantra of "because I can do fights perfectly means that his downside is pointless" and see everyone elses opinion. It is downside, one that you may not be personally affected by, but it is still a downside none the less.