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  1. All this stuff becomes scary when you actually break it down into days, months, or years.

    I remember for Team Fortress 2 I was at like over 100 days straight playing just the Demoman... just casually playing over a few years lead to that.


    Steam should have the option of turning those counters off. My posture is enough of a reminder that I play too much games, I don't need virtual Big Brothers help.

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  2. 1 hour ago, KittenIsAGeek said:

    Um... stream sharing is built into Steam.  SHIFT-Tab and settings and you can share your game as you're playing.  Your friends can watch you play.  Observer mode is already built in.

    Ya, but that's just the basics and we don't need mods or anything to do that. They could add the following just as some random ideas I've put no thought into.

    - beaconing or pings to shift the person you're playing with things you wish to show them.

    - Makeshift blueprinting where an observer could build something hypothetical that the player could see (but wouldn't actually be built unless they copied over the design by the player)

    - Making it so a person could play their own game and flip to a friends screen easily to help out with things in realtime.

    Etc etc etc


    Again, not even a suggestion. I just find this is like the best game ever, as long as you are totally okay with playing alone all the time. Felt I'd express why I don't think its such a pipedream when it really doesnt need to be a complete overhaul on the game or anything too aggressive. Just simple ways to share the experience with a friend.

    I actually would prefer something like this to an actual multiplayer mode. I would literally kill someone if they screwed up a base we'd be working on together. This game is too stressful as it is. I can already see a future where I log in and my "teammate" has replaced all my hatchlings with shinebugs because they are "cuter" lol

  3. Anyone have one that would be good for skipping Slimelung in this new update? All my best seeds have swamp right under the base that make a quick trip to oil almost impossible now without teching up atmo suits quickly or risking mass diseases. Same goes with the cold biome, I need one where I can get to at least a few WW without having to cut through slime to get there.

    Literally all my best seeds are now just a pain. I'm glad they added more of a challenge with the new diseases, but I'm not that great of a player lol

  4. I'm just sad that all my enjoyment for this game is internal. I just had a friend buy this game, the only friend I have on steam out of dozens and dozen who has ever given it a shot.

    I immediately jumped on chat to wish him a fun journey, but that's about the extent of what I can do with a new friend who has decided to also play a game I love. Feels a bit disappointing to say the least.

    I'd even be happy with an Observer mode where I could silently watch a friend play and maybe talk over discord and "ping" things on his screen to help him get started or understand the basics.

    I don't know what I want, but I feel like a lot of people who make these posts asking about multiplayer are in the same boat. They don't really want to rewrite the game, they just feel that there could be some external way to enjoy this game with others.

  5. With mods being added, is there ANY chance someone could make something to add some sort of MP?

    I know nothing about making mods or how they work.. I just know that Rimworld is single player, but there is a mod you can get that allows you to do some MP stuff like trading, etc. The dev for that game also said he wasn't going to do MP, but the mod was made, and I know a lot of people use it.

    Not asking someone to do it.. just seeing if anyone can clear up speculation on "if" it were possible at all with mods.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Christophlette said:


    I think they didn't take the size of bunker doors into account when designing rockets :p

    The new critter (gas moo) converts the new plant (gas plant) into natural gas. And the new plant grows in 4 cycles using 500g chlorine per cycle. I guess chlorine geyser will be gold now.

    Oil transforms to petroleum when heated.

    Petroleum transforms into Sour Gas when heated in RU (new gas)

    When cooled, Sour Gas turn into Naphta now. So no way to get NG with cooking. Only via the oil refinery.

    I love you! Thanks for explaining it :D

    Also.. I feel cheated cause I never got to the point of having to boil Petroleum. You guys are so much better than I am at this game

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  7. Just now, fredhp said:

    So.... until it changes..... the only thing to do is to send to space! :p

    Lets wait! I certain klei will give something to us to do with naphtha or sour gas!

    I'm totally lost. I read the patch notes and most of the replies here. What on earth is sour gas and why has this whole NG thing been nerfed? I read through the notes twice, but I can't find any explanation.

    I'd appreciate any help understanding this... please write your answers as if the person reading it barely passed grade 9 Science 101.

  8. 2 minutes ago, psusi said:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa!  SHC = specific heat capacity, which right now is 6 on PH20 and only 4 on H2O.  How the heck are we supposed to keep our base cool without that?

    Challenges are the spice of life!!!

    Also.. searching "what does SHC stand for?" lead me to Spontaneous Human Combustion. Apparently google search doesnt prioritize this game LOL


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  9. 2 minutes ago, watermelen671 said:

    Specific Heat Capacity, so this means that polluted water as a whole is now on the same level for cooling as water.

    Edit: Which means that not only is the water sieve nerfed, but polluted water as a whole is nerfed.

    Ohhh,, ok.. I get how they are the same now, but how would that nerf the water sieve? Have they actually changed the fixed temp or do you just mean that there is less reason to keep PW for any reason? (mind as well convert it unless you need some for plants)

  10. 2 minutes ago, AndreyKl said:

    Depends... there are a lot of ways to do rockets. For example one-dupe-crew rockets that simply go somewhere and return with resources or a multiple-crew rockets that open up a new asteroid-map which you can mine&build like you starting one, just smaller, mazes like maps that you need to navigate to retrieve resources, rocket minigames on 'space-map' e t c. So each person might have meant their own way.

    It would be amazing if this turned out to eventually be some kind of online or multiplayer setup.. like trading resources with buddies online somehow using our fleets. But I don't want to get my hopes up.. also.. I have no friends who play this. They call me NERD and play Wow or whatever.

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  11. AHHHHH!!!!!! :D

    Seriously, I'm having a heart attack!! Way better than I ever thought!!!!!! I don't remember anyone suggesting something like this, its totally out of left field. I really thought you guys might just make a "reset planet" endgame like with Don't Starve. This is sooooooo much better.

    At the very most I thought space flight would be an endgame to "escape the planet".. not something to renew the map of resources needed and unique things you can't get elsewhere.

    You guys are amazing!!



    • Water and Polluted Water now have the same SHC so that the water purifier won't magically cause a loss of energy

    What on earth is an SHC? I don't speak Science!!!


    • Plants will now sleep at night.

    You trolling us? lol


    Someone please post a pic of the Gassy Moo and the new plant... I can't find anything and I don't want to die before I get home. Please and thank you.

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  12. Meh... normally I go bonkers for your updates, but this one seems very very small. I actually thought you'd be adding in video games or recreation stuff after reading your opening lines there.

    This seems more like a rework of the food/room system than an actual update with new material. Just being honest. Don't hate on me pls <3



    Edit: I see a lot of that stuff in pictures posted above, but not that notes. Guess I'll have to test this out to see what we're really getting, as the patch notes aren't specific at all.

  13. Anyone know if they phantom nerfed Pacu farming or maybe its just a bug I'm having.

    Pacus used to not have the amount of water counted in their stable limitations. Example: I could have 8 (or even more I think) Pacus in a ranch (max 96 tiles) with only 30 tiles worth of water. They just swam around and reproduced, ate, etc.

    Now it says "Overcrowded" unless I have 8 tiles worth of water per Pacu in the stable. I had a stable of 8 Paucs in a 96 tile stable with 30 tiles of water, and they only became "happy" again and lost the "overcrowded" when I reduced that population to 3 Pacus.

    Anyone else notice this? It makes sense and I expected them to do it, but I didn't read it in the patch notes as far as I could see.