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  1. Anyone know if they phantom nerfed Pacu farming or maybe its just a bug I'm having. Pacus used to not have the amount of water counted in their stable limitations. Example: I could have 8 (or even more I think) Pacus in a ranch (max 96 tiles) with only 30 tiles worth of water. They just swam around and reproduced, ate, etc. Now it says "Overcrowded" unless I have 8 tiles worth of water per Pacu in the stable. I had a stable of 8 Paucs in a 96 tile stable with 30 tiles of water, and they only became "happy" again and lost the "overcrowded" when I reduced that population to 3 Pacus. Anyone else notice this? It makes sense and I expected them to do it, but I didn't read it in the patch notes as far as I could see.