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  1. 25.000+ players and 18.237 of them completed their recipe books O.O That's impressive. Thanks for the amazing event! Just noticed, 25k+ players only for tournament...
  2. Thank you Klei for the amazing event! From beta test I didn't think it would be an interesting event, my main goal was basically... Win, get level, get chests and have fun playing with new people. As soon as the thought of "climbing leaderboard" came to my mind everything got changed. New stuff, new recipes, new strategies and new ways of playing the event that once was a farming routine just to get those wonderful skins (yeah, they are REALLY beautiful). The event became much better in my eyes, I saw more possibilities and more ways to "play" with 70 recipes given. It was really fun to try out new dishes in order to become better at this event. When more achievements got released finally there appeared some kind of challenge for players that are already good at the event. I am sure players had fun trying to complete them. Come to think of it... The goal of the event is to satisfy Gnaw, and in order to get an achievement you had to win without satisfying any cravings Tournament was the last step. You've completed all new achievements with ease? Game doesn't give you a good challenge? Tournament is where you can show everything you're capable of. I guess I don't even have to mention how it has changed the playstyle of experienced players. Players now have to use half of the whole recipe book! Search for optimal ways to stay competitive and have fun becoming better in process. Eventually I met a lot of new people, made new friends and had a lot of fun taking everything from the event. Keep up the great work Klei!
  3. 45 mins before event ends and no answer from developers yet, well then
  4. 2 hours ago we had 7.225 points game and it is still not in the leaderboard... I don't know if it's the problem of the time leaderboard updates at or if our game got bugged, but here is the screenshot and data of the match. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1443385408 thegorge_stats_07-17-18.csv
  5. Will the tournament score be added to leaderboard eventually? My team is worried it got lost
  6. Could you also check this one? We got 6k points score for the tournament but it just won't appear there... thegorge_stats_07-11-18.csv
  7. Sure, hopefully I sent the right file. thegorge_stats_07-09-18.csv
  8. Hello! So me and my friend were trying to achieve place in "Top 2-Person teams" category. First game was worth 3576 points and it appeared on the leaderboard after some time (screenshot below). For second game (it was ~1 hour later) my friend has changed account (his second account has the same name) for more xp. And this game gave us 4700+ points. It's been 1 day and the score is still not on the leaderboard... Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot of this but I suppose system saves info about the games. Could you please fix it?