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  1. Music thread

    I heard Tom Waits for the first time on The Walking Dead, the song was Hold On, since then I have not stopped listening to his songs
  2. Perhaps, Warly was a friend of Wormwood and he has observed the transformation of it? I also found biomes similar.
  3. I was following this one, however I never got by mods. But I'll try this one, thank you.
  4. Could you teach me how to use mods on a dedicated server? Such as Health Info, Global Positions, Show Me, Food Values.
  5. Bugs

    I had seen the topics but I did not find any bug tags
  6. In a game with my husband we noticed some bugs that are in the images. @JoeW @Jason @Bigfoot @JanH
  7. An item to link rafts?

    or that the boat is larger to fit more things
  8. Oh my God, I'm so happy to read this! I Love Klei