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  1. We tried again today with the other person disabling their two mods just in case, but it was the same deal 40-50 minutes in again, everyone being disconnected. Would really like to do a high score run, but the game just isn't letting us finish. Edit: There has been one thing for sure in common with each run. When the first person is disconnected it's instant, and they aren't given a message or anything. A short while after that the remaining two people are then disconnected and given the disconnect message. In the first three runs the Woodie was the first to be disconnected each time, but in the run we just did it was the Webber this time.
  2. Two friends and I were going for a high score run, and we'd get very far into a game with plenty of time left, when all of a sudden everyone is forcibly disconnected from the server. We tried three times, and each time the same result roughly the same amount of time in. We don't have the logs from the first two games as we figured it was just a fluke, but by the third game we were suspicious. Attached is screenshots from the moment of the disconnect as well as each of our client logs (named by the player they belong to). The Wilson (me) and Webber had all of our mods disabled, the Woodie had two client-only mods enabled (Gesture Wheel - 352373173 and Instant Drop 817161265). client_log (Wilson).txt client_log (Webber).txt client_log (Woodie).txt
  3. For any recipe in the recipe book, the "Offering" amount (and potentially "Silver Offering" amount as well, I haven't checked) is not a base value, but rather the amount you got last offering you made. If this is intended behaviour the text doesn't communicate it very well. Giving a dish the Gnaw doesn't want appears to only give you half the coins of what the dish is worth. Meatballs for example is 8 coins, but if the Gnaw doesn't want a snack or meat then it's only 4 coins. I would expect the recipe book to always list meatballs as 8 coins though. Attached are screenshots showing different values based on how much I got from my last offering of it.