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  1. to nobodies surprise, adding an area based around being incredibly slow, in a game where you have to be quick to dodge attacks, and then putting a superboss in that area with AOE, was not a good idea.
  2. Sometimes i have wonderful ideas, this is one of them.
  3. "REANIMATE!" -wendy, after finding some shiny instrument.
  4. finding the gingerbread fence AND the gate within minutes of eachother via winters feast chests is a mystical experience.
  5. ah, another argument discussion about difficulty, ah well, guess il toss in my proverbial pocket change. the games challenge, atleast from what i can see, comes mostly from lack of knowledge, not exactly a good thing considering everything. once you survive winter once, you can do it 20 more times in a row once you figure out how many hits you can get in on a treeguard they never become more than a nuisance if you can kite 5 hounds you can kite 50 hounds until it clicks, you are hopeless, but when it does, it is trivial, and that is horrendous, new players not even knowing how to use an axe properly while the fuelweaver fight boils down in essence to "hit, hit, run, use tool 1 when caged, use tool 2 when invulnerable, use tool 3 when healing" is horrendous. of course, losing is supposed to be part of the fun, but im pretty sure the new player over there was not supposed to join in the middle of summer, finally scavenge an axe together after fiddling with the controls for 2 minutes, fail to cut down a tree, overheat to death, and eventually refund the game after this happening 3 times in a row while at the same time the WX has already cleared the ruins by day 4 with almost 0 effort.
  6. >dark sword that repairs... using bone shards, a item that the character in question gets as a drop, thus making inventory management much easier, along with no sanity penalty as said character, along with life steal. the art, maybe, but the rest? seems pretty average to me.
  7. >not in the right subforum >overpowered characters >overpowered mechanics hmm, yep, seems like your average workshop mod to me.
  8. no moon quacken, mildly disappointing, still though we have the murder narwhal.
  9. considering everything? yeah probably, atleast the trading community will melt away into nothing.
  10. thatswhatshadowminionsarefor, or if you are lazy, let the bearger do it for you, now yes lets leave this for somewhere that is not here