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  1. This discussion sure was fun to read. But, just to leave my opinion, Woodie's Rework gave him more of a Generalist role than just being a Canadian pun, since now he collects resources fast, can be a support, is able to explore faster AND through water, and in Weremoose he's a goddamn damage Sponge, yeah, sure he isn't the best on these tasks, but he can make them all without sacrificing other perks, like Maxwell, Wolfgang or Wigfrid do, Willow's rework adding her Bernie, yes, sure, was dissapointing, but that doesn't means it's bad, Bernie has to be the greatest tool Willow has by now, specially if you're fighting agaisnt a boss and there's Terrorbeaks messing around, and Wendy's rework finally made Abigail something more than just an Ectoplasm Shield, she can finally take care of at least Deerclops by herself properly. The only rework that i'm not 100% happy with is Winona's Rework. She's just a "Change-and-go-back" character, and, ye, i agree about Wurt being terribly dissapointing and a bad character, which is even more dissapointing considering she's a DLC character. Also, Walter is a GREAT character, not the best, but sure a great one. Y'all forgetting he can slingshot enemies while riding Woby AND can do literally anything without dropping sanity (And if you're in late games and need to be insane, just damage yourself collecting cactuses or Charlie's Flowers and then heal the health you've lost. Walter doesn't need that much damage to be completely insane, so it's enough with just the pick of a single cactus or eating a few Kelp Fronds, Blue Caps or even a single Red Cap is enough to get back to 0 sanity if you've killed a terrorbeak, so the "I recover sanity when killing Terrorbeaks" argument is not valid here).
  2. Heck yeah! Thanks a lot my guy! But, just one more thing, how can i make them be another character instead of the same i have? And being normal size instead of tiny? Is that configurable in the mod?
  3. Is there any mod in DST that allows me to use other characters as companions? If possible, allowing me to use the cosmetics i have on them too. To be more specific, let's say i'm playing WX-78 and i wanna have a Wolfgang as a Companion. If a mod of this already exists, please post here the link since i've searched for hours and i'm still without finding anything. Thanks before hand!
  4. The Meat Storage and Spider "Levels" sounds good for me. I'm a bit in a "Meh" position of the last idea but everything else is perfect. But still, he needs more mechanics to be able to be more of a teamplayer with other characters, rather than just with another Webbers or ocasionally a Wendy or a Wickerbottom.
  5. nevermind, just ban me for not checking how much pages this thing has
  6. Speaking of which, isn't it curious how even a Dead Person could easily replace Wes and even be better than him? lmao
  7. Basically, i made a Dedicated Server, everything works just fine, yada yada, but i have a problem, which is the caves. I don't want these on my Dedicated Server, but if i delete the "Files" of the Caves my server just doesn't start later on. Is there any way i can setup a Dedicated Server without caves? They generate WAAAY to much latency. All kinds of help are greeted. From letting me know which files modify/delete to remove the Caves, or how to make the Dedicated server from 0 to not have Caves active. Thanks beforehand!
  8. He doesn't need an item or a change in his stats if you think about it. He needs a more efficient way to play with other teammates other than more Webbers or maybe a Wendy or Wicker and more ways to be useful in late games (just as Chirsg said). He's great for the first 100 days, but after those days he just becomes a Wilson with an Upside, since at that point his strenghts are already weakened or surpassed by another character or a farm. Give my boy a rework Klei >:(
  9. That's painfully true, i have to say. That's why i think Webber is the one that needs a Rework more than everyone else (Except for Wolfgang)
  10. You telling me Woodie and Winona are better at farming spiders than Webber and Wendy? Webber can create nest whenever he wants, he can just place 15 or 20 nests all near eachother, Wendy activates Abigail, passes through to activate all the spiders and boom, all of them dead. Winona kills them faster but to get the nests she needs to kill Level 3 Nest first, but let's supose she's working with a Webber. It would still take more preparation to make proper use of the catapults (The walls, the gems, yada yada), and while it kills properly, Wendy could have killed twice the amount or even triple the amount that Winona has killed in that time. While winona killed 5 spiders in 5 seconds, Abigail killed 20-25 in 10 (Without any previous preparation). also i can't find an example for woodie, i mean, in his morphs he's good at killing any basic mobs, but, i insist, not as fast as Wendy. He's just underrated man, i'm not saying that there's not other better options, but Webber can be extremelly useful if used in the proper hands AND with the proper teammates. And about his perk being "Harmful"... I mean, please, either you're playing with Newbies that the first words that come out of his mouth are "WHERE IS BASE" or either none of them knows how to play Webber. Any minimal competent Webber would place their nests wayyyy far from the base, and in a place where he knows nobody will be harmed or go nearby. And while i don't neglect the part that maybe a Quarter of the reason of me playing Webber is because i think he's the most adorable thing in the game, he also has his good upsides (The ones mentioned previously) Webber, for example, can eat semi-spoiled Food, Monster Meat and his variables, etc, and that can help to keep him satyisfied and save the other foods for their teammates. Let's get on paper: If a Webber is together with a Wickerbottom and both are in a hurry to eat something (Let's say, both are in 5 hunger because yes), but there's just 1 meatball in the fridge, Webber just goes to his nest OR creates one, makes a spider war or kills the spiders by himself, and boom, done, both have something to eat. Full Food Bar + Extra Monster Meats for Wicker to make Meatballs.
  11. The beard is an Upside/Downgrade at the same time depending on the Season. While it can save you in Winter if you ignore it in Summer it may kill you. Also, tell me when was the last time you used a Meat Effigy instead of a Telltale heart or Life Giving Amulet :P
  12. Thanks for the point of view, but i insist, Wilson at least from my perspective is/was suposed to be a Base Character. Not specialized on anything, neither bad on everything. But, what you've said of the "Characters getting Smarter" changed my perspective in a way honestly. I just hope that if a Rework comes for Wilson, that rework doesn't removes his "Principal" characteristic of being the easiest to play and basically the most viable pick if you're inexperienced on the game, because of his zero Downsides/Upsides. I dunno, i honestly almost never played as him so i can't certainly say what i would want him to get added. But yeah, i guess that a rework to see the Character "Evolve" would actually be something great, but still, i think that there are other characters in a need of a rework way before than Wilson (Wolfgang for being extremelly OP and Webber to get a more "Interesting" and "Better" teamwork mechanic, for example)
  13. All i'm gonna say, is that a Wilson rework is stupid to do in my opinion. He is supossed to be a "Base Character", no downsides, no upsides. He doesn't needs buffs or nerfs, since he's, as i've said, a "Base Character", use him if you want to do everything with no Downsides neither Upsides. What i would want coming from him, however, is to get to know more of his lore. Since Klei has started making shorts explaining the past of the Survivors on their reworks, they slowly forgot about Wilson's Story, i mean, we all know that he's a Scientist who got tempted my Maxwell to make the portal, yada yada, but what about his family, motivations, or his relation with the other survivors?? Also, as long as i'm concerned all characters are linked to eachother somehow, but we just aren't in that part of the History yet. Maybe him getting the "First Clue" of how he is linked to the other survivors would be something i would appreciate to see?
  14. I think he's underrated. Like, serious underrated. I'm in the mindset that he needs a rework to make his "Teamwork role" more interesting and funny, because otherwise some people can see him as a "Wilson with 1 upside" character if he's not playing with other Webbers. But Webber has a lot of Strenghs that a lot of people skip/don't know about/don't use for some reason. Webber - Wendy can farm Monster Meat way faster and safer, since Abigail stunlocks all spiders that are at her range. Also, Spider Warriors aren't a problem either, just help her take 'em out by landing a couple of hits on those or if it's not more than 4/5 just let her do the job. Webber can help a Wigfrid creating a "Sanity Station", since Spiders are easy asf to kill, as long as the Wigfrid playing is a competent fighter. Webber, Wickerbottom and Wolfgang. Wicker can get the Berries, and Webber with the help of another Webber or Wendy or even by himself can get hundreds of monster meat. Having an almost infinite source of Meatballs available Etc etc etc. People should give a chance to the boy.
  15. Main Webber since the first day i played DST. Started maining Wendy as a secondary main recently, but still Webber is my favourite