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  1. Any guides to make a dedicated server you could link to me? The tutorials i've saw were either unclear (for me) or they just didn't work.
  2. My Wi-Fi is decent, and i'm usually the host in my group of friends, but DST is a rollercoaster between working fine or working as bad as.. I can't come up with a reference but you get me. Which mods would you recommend to have a way less laggy experience, that doesn't makes my FPS drop because of nothing, and improve the server connection overall?
  3. Some genuine questions i have; Why Webber loses sanity at Dusk? Why the Telltale Heart/Life Giving Amulet doesn't works on Abigail? How does it makes sense that WX, a literal robot, needs to eat food? Shouldn't other Krampus be friendly towards / not scared of Wortox? Why Webber has quotes for befriending Pigmen? As far as i know there's no way to befriend Pigmens as Webber.
  4. Webber's next lesgoooo I have very high expectations of this and i hope i don't get dissapointed
  5. And what about a mod for 2 people to ride the same Beefalo?
  6. Does something like this exists? Like, literally carrying them in your back/shoulders. This could be useful in some scenarios, like, my friend is AFK and i need to take care of him, taking him somewhere he doesn't knows the way, carry him while he shoots with a slingshot or darts (maybe this one not possible), etc. If it does, telling me the link of the workshop article would be greatly appreciated. Thx!
  7. Heck yeah! Thanks a lot my guy! But, just one more thing, how can i make them be another character instead of the same i have? And being normal size instead of tiny? Is that configurable in the mod?
  8. Is there any mod in DST that allows me to use other characters as companions? If possible, allowing me to use the cosmetics i have on them too. To be more specific, let's say i'm playing WX-78 and i wanna have a Wolfgang as a Companion. If a mod of this already exists, please post here the link since i've searched for hours and i'm still without finding anything. Thanks before hand!
  9. nevermind, just ban me for not checking how much pages this thing has
  10. I've been using these 2 sets for basically forever, and i'm not in the mindset of changing them (Specially the Webber one, it's just looks so damn good imo)
  11. I mean, it's pretty obvious who's rework is coming next... WES GONNA BE LIT AFTER THIS UPDATE (?
  12. May i make 2 questions? Hope i don't bother ya 1) When will the Rewards page get updated? The spoils reward seems interesting, and they should add more rewards too 2) Are Webber or Wendy getting a Rework anytime soon? It would be amazing getting answers for these Thanks before hand! Hope ya answer
  13. It's been like that for a Month, but they didn't gave an answer yet, sadly. So, we may have to wait until they decide to answer.
  14. I expect Webber to get, maybe a Spider Nest reskin (Because he can craft one), the Survivor skin as a Weaveable, and maybe an item that allows him to be-friends with the pigs, like in Don't Starve Hamlet, like a pig mask, you know?
  15. Are you serious!? I can't wait for Webber to get a rework :DDDDD