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  1. When wearing Abigail's Overall in the top slot, her skirt is drawn over it. unless, you wear something in the pants slot then the skirt disappears (you can't see the pants you put on either) This bug happens when using Abigail's Overalls on Wendy, Willow or Wickerbottom. I couldn't find any other top that had this same issue.
  2. This happens to everyone I know. Most games lag for second when saving, however, it is much more pronounced in Don't starve. I think it's because DS/DST saves at exact points in time, while most other games save outside of action. Turning off lag compensation helps with the enemies attacking from far away.
  3. I noticed this issue in one of my old worlds before the retrofitting started. Happened to me again in a brand new world that was made after the Troubled Waters update.
  4. I am having this problem as well, could you send me a list of the mods you are using to check against mine, I know it is probably not caused by them but just to be sure. EDIT: I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, here are the mods I am using: -Gem core [API] -Global Pause -Inspect Bundle -Lazy Lazy Deserter
  5. Can I ask what mods were you using? I had this same issue and I want to know if it is caused by my mods or the actual game.
  6. Having the same problem, Klei please don't make me lose that daily quest, you don't know how much it means to a completionist.
  7. I am playing in a world that I started before the [Game Update] - 291461 came out. when I'm indoors (caves, ruins, shops, etc) if I drop something it just disappears. also Idk if this is related but clouds like the ones on the outside of the map (see picture) just spawn randomly. now I'm stuck in that room because I can't weigh the plates with anything. Edit: I tried making a new world the bug didn't happen there.
  8. this happened to me twice right when i press LMB to salt the food my game crashes. it doesn't always happen when i salt food, and i wasn't salting the same dish in the times that it happened. and no i wasn't using mods.