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  2. Forge may be over but WE RAP BATTLIN NOW
  3. Wes running away from his true nightmares
  4. I love this look on Wendy! With a more expensive hat option:
  5. Invisible beefalo shenanigans And when spring comes so your beefalo decides to abandon you and take the glossamer saddle.... (farewell song courtesy of Wilson)
  6. Does klei hate wendy?

    I feel like the reason why Wendy isn't very powerful in both events is because she's a fairly popular character in the main survival game. She's a really great character for beginners especially and a lot of longterm players can still enjoy playing as her. Not everyone plays characters purely out of "usefulness" or Wickerbottom would make up 80% of the survival playerbase, which is obviously not the case. Wendy's definitely one of the top used players in surivival (and they even chose her to make a Funko Pop out of!) sooo making her more useless in events I suppose encourages people to use different characters. Woodie, for example - Woodie is one of the least popular players in survival but has great perks in events, which encourages more people to play him under these different scenarios.
  7. daily tasks r broken

    Same. Our team lost to the rhinocebros, yet I was still able to get the "Don't lose to rhinocebros" achievement haha...
  8. Ooh imagine the funko pop top hat skin with the new magmatic Willow skin!
  9. What do you think of the new skins?

    I actually love the magmatic skins much more than the original forge skins! They just give off a cooler and fresher vibe. And Wicker looks so good! This is probably my favourite Wicker skin of all time, it's elegant and not too exaggerated. I love Webber too - the subtlety of the fire theme is actually what I really like about it, it looks very natural but very unique at the same time. The only skin I'm kind of disappointed in is Wendy - her hair is a bit too much and could've gone in a better direction I think, although I love her outfit.
  10. As title says, I can't do anything with glowflies - I can't examine them at all (putting my mouse cursor over them doesn't show anything), and also can't attack them (even if I force attack with my keys). But the pogs and other mobs in my game can still chase them and kill them, I just can't myself. I've had this problem since the beginning of the beta and it's still persisted.
  11. I'm not sure why but once I was in my home as Wicker and she didn't make any audio sounds when I examined items, only text. She also didn't make any noise in a shop when examining. But the next day when I went back into my home it was back to normal and the audio was just fine.
  12. As title says, structures such as crockpots and chests can't be placed on top of bought rugs in your room.